Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to create leather effects with Copics, by Suki Manga

Dear Copic friends, this is a new tutorial that I preprared to show you how I create leather effects
 with Copic Markers.

I use 3 brown tones to get it:

I will show you few examples of the steps I follow to get the leather effect:


We will apply E 35 on the lighter areas of the image that we want to colour:


Now we will apply  E 37 for the medium tone shadows:


Below, we emphasize the darkest shadows using E 29:


Now you can add little details to create volume, in this case I used blender to mark the highlighted areas of the belt and then I used an orange ink pen for little details:

Using same tones, E35 + E37 + E29 you can colour many leather objects, here you can see another example using these 4 steps:

using step 1

using step 2

using step 3

using step 4

Here you can see few examples of illustrations using these simple and easy 4 steps:

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

See you! (^___^)/

Suki Manga Art

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ike said...

Very cool - awesome work :-D

IKE in Greece xxxx