Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Just imagine...

Hi there Copic loversElena F here from Scrap-lanak Ganbaran.
I made a mixed-media background card using my Copic Airbrush system and staying out of my "comfort zone" with a Prima stamp coloured using the No Lines Colouring Technique. I stamped with Memento London Fog Grey Ink.

Here is the finished project picture, but after that, you've got step by step pictures on how I coloured the flowers and at the end of the post, a few step pictures to see how I made the background.

The copic colours I´ve used to colour my stamp:
Skin: E0000, 00, 21, 11, 13
Flowers: R46, 43, R05, YR04, R20
Hair: E77, 57, 35, 53
To airbrush the background:
BG72, E35, 37, YG03, G94, Y06
I felt like colouring the flowers in a red but with a touch of orange.
I started colouring the flowers with R46
Then I coloured the middle tones with R05 
Finaly I coloured ending the reds with the ligthest one R43 
 Now to add my orange touches in the ligthest zones of the flowers I used YR04
and finaly I blended the ligthest with R20

Now for the background I used my Copic Airbrush. This is not a necesary tool to colour but really it´s so fun.

First I airbrushed the entire surface of my cardstock with BG72. Then I started airbrushing some brick wall with one stencil in E35 and 37 here and there to make it more interesting and not too plain.

I wanted to add hints of ivy and I made it airbrushing with another stencil: YG03 and some random branches with G94

No worries about the size of my surface as this is going to be resized to fit perfectly with my coloured stamp size.

With one texture paste and another stencil I tried to make some rays of light, to make my stamp emanate its own light. After the paste dried I airbrushed on top with my Y06 marker.
I made it with sand texture paste as this dries slightly translucent and after airbrushing it maintains this translucent and shiny look.

A few more deep airbrushed branches again, more texture paste and it looks like this:

I finished with some random stamping, adding a bit of wax, cutting the excess and It´s done!
Finally, I fussy cut and mounted the image on foam to emphasize her on my project.
Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for sticking with me to the end!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Copic markers, Gelliplate and more

Hi everyone, I have played with Various Ink on my Gelliplate (inspired by You tube and videos by Diny Sprakel). 

what do you need
Various ink 
a stencil 


Put your stencil on the gelliplate.

Add a few drops of Various Ink on the Gelliplate. 

Use the brayer tp spread the ink on your Gelliplate.
You have to work quickly because alcohol inks evaporate quite quickly. 

Use a stamp to make some structure.

I have used the  printables by Carabella.

Use some more ink and another stamp. 

Remove the stencil.

Add a tint layer of piant.

Use your brayer to make a thin layer .

Make a print. 

There is still quite a lot of ink on your stencil. Spray some activator on your stencil and make a print.

I love this funny print.

Take another stencil. 

Drip some ink on the gelliplate, use the stamps..

Add a thin layer of paint.

And make a print. 

I drew a girl and coloured her with my  Copic Markers, starting with E50.

For shadows I use BV000 and BV00.

Add the E00 over the shadow parts.

Blend  all layers together with E000.

I start with YR18 for colouring the hair.

After the  YR 18 I use YR15 en YR14.

I wanted some more depth so I decided to add some E00.

Keep adding the coloures until satisfied. 

I wanted to have her apron a checker pattern (because I love checks). 
I start with the YR16.

For the other colours I use FBV02 and RV06.

 Her dress is going to be pink RV04, RV 06 and RV09.

I use the same colours for het wings.

And this is the finished piece.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cicci Colouring a Kiwi

Hi Everyone.
Cicci here today posting a tutorial for you. Last Month I coloured a strawberry and I continue with the fruit theme this time.
I hope you will try this,
 I had a lot of fun when I did this Kiwi.

I have used these Copic Markers;

                                                       Kiwi: YG01 YG000  03 G09 E55
E81 87 E84 
Leaves: YG99 97 93 G07 YG03
Background: Varouis Ink
R81 Y00 02 B000

Step 1 
I Start to draw some kiwi and leaves with a pencil
I do a circle in the middle, like the photo in the middle
of the kiwi with E81
You can hardly see the E81 here at this step
but we are going to add more colours there later

Step 2
Start to add YG01
then YG03 on the area with YG01
in the kiwi.
 Start to do the lines 
from the circle to the outer edge of the Kiwi

Step 3
 Add YG03 in the middle of the kiwi as a form of little drops or seed

Step 4
Blend out with YG0000
I also did a circle with the G09, around the whole kiwi
 I'm going to blend out G07 in the next step

Step 5
Blend out the G07 With YG03 

Step 6
 Add YG03 in the middle just small strokes, like a drop
add little E55 in the circle, I did it with E81

 Step 7 
 Do some small strokes in the middle with the G07

Step 8
 Make some half circles in the kiwi with YG03 (Not too much) 
Blend out with YG01 and YG0000
I have also added E87 in the circle on the E81
Blend out E87 with E81

Step 9
Here I added E87 around the whole kiwi on the area
 that I have coloured with G07
Blend with YG03 and YG01

 Step 10
Make some seed with E87 in the middle

 Step 11
Make some seeds in the middle with E87 and then I'm going to 
make some highlights with a with Sakura Gel Pen

At last I blend carefully with YG000 YG01 
I don't want to
 blend out any of the seed I did with E87


I have used Various Ink for the background
R81 Y00 02 B000
and it looks like this

Good luck with  your kiwi and hope to see you next month
HUGS from us at Copic Europe


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Stuffie Gang

Hi everyone, it's Sandie here and today I am sharing how I colour The Stuffie Gang using my Copic markers. This cute stamp is by Stamping Bella. 

My favourite blending card to use is Holtz Perfect Colouring Paper. I stamp, always when using Copics, with Memento ink. 

Starting with the Bear





I go back over the Bear using my E70's until I am happy with the shading. 

For the nose C9, leaving a little white spot for highlight. 

For the ears - R20 and R01

Next I coloured the Pig. I went dark to light on this one



YR00 to bring it all together. 

For the Owl


I go back in with E41 to blend it out. Use the darker colour to add shadow as desired. 

E25, E27

YR12, YR18

For the grass - 





C3 and C5 for the little pebbles. 

Hat - B02, B05, V12, V15, BV20

For the Flag  - BV20 and C5

I went dark to light on the balloon too. I like how these blend in this way



Pop the image on a card base with some striped paper and you're done! :) 

Thanks for popping in today. I hope you're inspired to take out your markers and colour a little.