Sunday, August 28, 2022

Scarecrow among Sunflowers

Hi ladies.

Hope you all have had a wonderful summer with a lot of sun, bathing and sunsets.

Today my image is tall, so my paper is measures 21x10 cm.
It is Perfect Coloring Paper and I have stamped my image with Memento Ink.

I started with a light yellow, Y32, that will end up as burnt grass or hay maybe

Then I blend it with a yellowish green, YG03, mixing them together.

Darken the green a little with YG17 and define the grass a bit.

Making uneven circles with fringes, just randomly scribbling them on the paper, using Y17.
That's what's great about nature, there are no right or wrong.
For the center I used E33.

Filled up the gaps between the flowers and the stems with Y13.
For the center I went in with both E37 and E49.

Just scribbling, all together your brain will read it as sunflowers.

Defined the stems and petals with YG67.

Start with a light pressure on the nib, press harder for a wider stroke and ease the pressure in the end.
And don´t overthink it.  The strokes will just indicate a pattern of petals.

The bottom shade for the ground was YG91.

To darken my burnt grass or hay, I used YR23 and YR24.
Leaving some of the Y32 in the top makes it glow a bit.
And for the darkest parts I used E99.

Just making small flick marks on top of the ground with YR23 to look likes it is left overs from the hay harvest.
I held my marker straight up to get as thin strokes as possible.

I a wave shaped stoke make it look more like grass or hay, instead of straight strokes.

I continued with YR24, E99 and E37 for the ground. And I even put in some YG95 to get some green shades in there.

For my sunset I started with the outer glow for the sun, using Y02, and flicked it just a little bit.

Then I went in with Y00 for the center of the sun and blended the glow a little in the edge.

I started with my lightest pink, R00, to blend it with the sunglow and blended it over to B000.

Then I used R22 closest to the sunflowers, blended it over to R20 and R00.
For the blue part I now began at the top with B91, blended it with B21 and B00.

For the clouds I used C3 and some Y02.

For the shirt I started with R24.

Darkened it up with R59, R39.

Left a small shade of R24 at the edges.

For the pants I used B21-B97-B45.

Went in with B97 in the shirt.

For the fold of the pants I used B91-B93.

Skin: E11-E35-E13.
Hat: YR09-E07-E19.
Scarf: G43-YG67

I didn´t like the light area I got in the crotch, so I went in with my B45 instead.
And here is the finished image.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Green Apple by Cicci

Hi COPIC friends
Cicci here posting from Sweden. I'm going to make a green apple today with my COPIC markers!

Step 1
First a draw a sketch

Step 2
I will use an eraser to erase what I drew. Because I just want to see faintly where I drew to be able to paint with COPIC markers more easily. I think the end result Will be nice without a lot of lines.

Step 3
Fill the lines again that you erased. I used a light markers Y000

Step 4

Step 5
Blend G21 with Y000. I used G46 for the darker parts.
T1 color the cores in the Apple.

Step 6
Add some E25 and blend with E23 with E23 and blend with E000 and Y000
I also add some E49

Add some E15 and blend with E23 with E23 and blend with E000

Step 7
I added more E23 and E49 at the cores. Then I add more Y000 to make structure
Go over the green parts and blend a lot

At the end I added G67 and blend with YG03 and Y000

I hope you try at home and you comeback here to visit the blog whenever you like!!

Hugs and Smiles

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Baby Fairy

Hello Copic lovers!

Today is my turn to get you inspired by using Copic markers!

Today I am sharing my colouring of a cute fairy . She is called Flidais from the collection 6 Baby Fairies (girls) by Mos digital pencil.

My skin color combo is E0000, E000, E00, E11, E21 and R20 for the cheeks. I always start with E0000 all over the skin.

I go over my E11 with E21 in order to darken my shadows . Cheeks I color with R20.

Cheeks I color with R20. My skin is ready. If I'm not satisfied with the shadows , I repeat the steps again. I always do this twice.

I used only 3 colours - E31, E33 and E35 for the hair. I'm starting with the lightest color E31 making long strokes.

My E33 is followed by E35 also with strokes
I repeat with strokes until I'm satisfied.

For the dress I used RV52, RV55, RV66
starting with my lightest color where the folds should be. Followed with the darker color RV 55 and the darkest RV 66.

Then i blend with RV 55 and RV 52.

My last step is blending with colorless blender the lightest places of the dress.

The wings are colored with B91 and B93 blended with colorless blender.

Her flower crown is colored with the same pinks as her dress
The leaves are colored with G43 and G46.

So there she is, ready to be added to a super cute project.
Isn't she cute?

That's all from me today. See you soon.

I would love to see you following me on my Instagram and Facebook.
Bye bye!