Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Grillfather

Hi there!

It´s my, Helen, turn again to show you a new coloured image.
I love well grilled food. If I had lived in a house I would at least grilled once a week, most likely more.
One of the parts I like about making cards is to find the perfect images for the receiver. And this time it's a perfect match. It's for someone who grills all year round and I can't help it but looks a little as the character in the image. The stamp is called the Grillfather and comes from Art Impressions.

I´ve stamped the image on Perfect Coloring Paper with Memento ink. In the image there is some text and I masked it as I stamped because I didn´t like that part. And this little guy seams to be a superhero, in the image he has a mask for his eyes and I tried as well as I could to get it away, it's tiny so I didn´t mask that part just wiped the ink away. And here we can see it but I guessed it wouldn't show of in the end.

I started by putting in my highlights, I wanted the fire from the grill to make some highlights on him, used Y000. And I didn´t put it as a first layer covering all the skin so just where the highlights would be.

And then I went to E000 for the first layer of skin tone. And I didn´t cover all Y000, left a small line of yellow shining.

B20 was my tint for the shadows in the skin.

Covered that up with E53. And moved on to E000 to soften it out. I went in with a little more of Y000 and then E04 for his lips.

I didn´t used Y000 in his sweater, instead I used a yellowish red, R05, for the highlight.

Moved on to R27 for the rest of the sweater.

And as I laid my next two layers, R59-R37, I had a hard time struggling with the ink that settled on top of the paper and didn´t sink. I cleaned my pens, but it didn´t worked and this is my third or fourth attempt...

I could had moved on to another colour for the sweater, but no. Got some roundness to the belly. Y000 for some highlight and C1-C3-C0-C5 for the shadow on the apron, hat and glove.

I wanted it to look like he´s wearing jeans shorts so I used B21 for the first layer on the pants.

The darkest colour is B97 and my mid-tone is B45. In the edges I went in with some Y000.
The same for his shoes. For the socks I used R37 and C3.

With a light grey, C0, I sketched in the grill.

Then I drew the lines with a Copic Multiliner.

I used C3-C7-C5 for the grill.

And as I know the receiver doesn´t use lighter fluid and wouldn't have an open fire in his grill (unless he wants it) I just had to make just that. If the fire wasn´t there, I wouldn't have had the light from which the highlights come.
For the fire I used Y13-Y17-YR14-R05.
Sketched in the floor and fence with C0.

The first layer of colour for the floor is E81, After that I scribbled in the pattern of the wood with E44.

A little wider lines indicated the boards. One layer with E81 on top to soften the pattern.

E42 in the foreground of the floor.
For the late summer sky I used B21-B45-B97.
And the fence got it first layer of colour, E40.

Scribbled in some trees, used YG67-YG99-BG99.

The fence got a pattern with E74, softened it with E70-E71.
A shadow from the Grillfather used W3-W5.

The image lay like this on my desktop for some weeks. I looked at it and I didn't liked what I saw. It was too bright.

So I decided to darken it up.
The floor got a new layer of colours, E87-E84-E81.
The fence got darken by E44 and the shadow from the man went to W7.
And as I made the card I trimmed of the pine trees that I wasn´t happy with.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Savanna video with Aall and Create


Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a Copic scene with a fun Aall & Create stamp set designed by Janet Klein. Here is my final card:

All the elements I used are from the #526 Serengeti set, and I tried to combine them to make a fun colourful scene. I coloured all my elements in Copics and you can see the whole colouring process below:

Here is a close up of my scene and recap of all the Copics I used:

Sky: E08, R59, Y11, Y35, YR04, 07
Ground: E35, Y21, YR23, 31
Bushes: 100, G99
Trees: 100, E35, G99, W7
Lion: E31, 50, 51, 55, 57, 97, YR31
Giraffe: E25, 29, 31, 41, 43 
Pink: RV42

Thanks for stopping by today, have a great weekend! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Cicci Colors a Watermelon

Hi everyone!!
Summer is here and I love it! I also love watermelons and today I make a post about watermelon!

Step 1
I start to make a sketch.

Step 2 start vita Y02 and YR14

Step 3
Add E93 and YR07

Step 4
I use B000 for the Kernels

Step 5
Add more E93

Step 6
Add FYR1 over E93
Don't color to much with FYR1
Because we don't want to have a orange watermelon, I just use this marker to make the color combo more interesting

Step 7
Start to blend with E93 and add R14, blend R14 with R02

Step 8
Blend all over the melon
Without the kernels that I color with E18
I did the blend with YR00
I blend the kernels with R20
I added some highlights with a with gelé pen

Step 9
For the Shell
G29 YG11 G20 G40 G43


Have fun COPIC lovers!!
See you next month
Lots of Hugs and Smiles

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Head in the Clouds

Hi Copic lovers.

Rosi here posting from Germany and today I'm going to color a cute little elephant with balloon. The image is digital from Lee Hollandart- Elephant with Heart balloon

I used cold greys for the elephant, making flicks with C2 and C5

Then I blended further away from my C5 with C2 again.

Here I blended all the greys with C0. for his ears and cute stomach I used R20 and R22

I started the grass with G43.

Then I made some flicks with G46.

And flicks with G94 and G99

The heart baloon was colored with B91 first. Then I added some darkness with B93and B95 and blendd all together with B91

I decided to make some clouds.
I marked the lines with B02. Then I've gone further away with the B00

I blended with B000

I blended all over the blues with colorless blender .

Here is my finished project made for the son of a friend who turned 5 last month.

That's all from me today. See you soon.

I would love to see you following me on my Instagram and Facebook.
Bye bye!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Girl from Heaven

Hello everyone

For today I prepared an anime girl with soft colors, sitting on a swing to which I added flowers in bright tones

Below is the tutorial:

Drawing with Copic Multi-liner

For the complexion: E0000, R81, E00 and E02

E70, E71 and R81 for eyes and eyelashes. B60 for the shadow in the eyes

E70 for hair base

E71 and R81 to complete hair

R81, R22 and R35 for flowers

E33, E35 and E37 for the swing

YG23 and G07 for leaves

R000, R81 and E04 for the dress

E33 and E35 for swing ropes

B000 and B60 for the sky

I use a gel pen for light points

This is the end result. 
Until next time,