Thursday, September 28, 2017


Hi Copic lovers; welcome to the Copic Marker Europe Blog.

For my DT inspiration, I made an autumn inspired mini album using one of those super fabulous old Gorjuss stamps I own, using the "No Lines Colouring Technique" again.

I stamped my image with Memento Desert sand.

This is the finished project, but after that, you've got a little step by step picture video to see how I coloured the background and at the end of the post, a few step pictures on how I coloured the image.

The background is made by spattering with an old brush and Copic Refills.
This is only how I've done it; there is no right or wrong way, but your finger will be dirty at the end.

If you colour the grass and the sky first I think it will look better.

Here is the list of markers I've used to colour the background:
G82, YG63, 21, 03, G94, Y38, YR07, E15
YG63, 25, G43

And here's how I coloured the image step by step:

Here is the list of markers I've used for the image:

Deer: E40, 42, 43, 44, 47, 49
Skin: E0000, 00, 21, 11, 13, R20, 22
Girl's hair: N9, 7, 5, BV08, 04
Dress: E18, YR09, YR27, 21

Finally, I fussy cut and mounted the image on foam to emphasize her on my project.

I hope you found this post inspiring.
Thanks for sticking with me to the end!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Colouring Mushrooms

Hi friends
Today, I show how I painted these mushrooms. I drew the mushrooms myself with a pen and then coloured with Copic Markers. I then cut them out and stuck them on the project where I want them.
I have used an Image called  Sweet Scarecrow from Hannah Lynn.

I also have drawn the pumpkins and the stone wall  myself so they don't belong to the original image.

Copics Used:

Red Mushroom: R35, 89, 24, R02, YR04
Mushroom Stalk: E81, 84, 43, 40, 41

Brown Mushroom: E23, 29, 25, 49
Mushroom Stalk: E43, 40, 41

Lighter Pumpkin: Y02, YR04, 02, YR14, E99, 15
Darker Pumpkin: Y19, 18, 15, 02, E99, FY1, E49, E43, YR18 and YR68,  E79, Y02

Blue: B99, 97, 95, 91, B000, 93
Green Blues: YG99, 95, 93, YG13, 03
Hat and gloves: E53, E47, E23, Y21, YR21, 24, Y00, Y02
Red and Blue details on the Clothes: B39, B000, R35, R42
Stone Wall: C10, 7, 5, 3, 2, YG95, G28
Skin: E50, 53, 04, 13, 11, 43, R20, 22, E51, 47 ,E15
Hair: E29, 25, 23, E49
Green Leaves: G43, 29, Y04, YG03
Forest and ground: YG91, 93, 99, Y00, 08, BV000, BV20, BV00
Sky: BV20, BV00, 000, BG000, B000 

I have made a sketch first for the mushroom and then I carefully colour beside the lines I have drawn, I don't want to get ink on the lines because you cannot erase pencil after you have coloured over it with Copic.

I started to add R35 at both sides
Then I add R89 on the colour before
Blend with R35 
Now I add R24 over the other colours on the whole area and leave some white in the middle
I add some R02 in the middle and leave some white area here as well so I can blend later
To get some orange tone in the mushroom I add YR04. Don't colour the whole space in the middle with YR04. Leave a little area white

After this I have to blend a lot to smooth out the hard shapes between the colours that you can see in the photo so I start blending with R39, R35 and R27.

I have not taken any photos of the final steps, but the only thing you have to think of at this time in the colouring is blend, blend and blend. BUT be careful so you don't use too much colours so 
the ink is bleeding out. When you colour red that is one thing that can go wrong.

Now I cut out the Mushrooms and place them on the project. I have stuck them on the stone wall.

When I have paste them there I add some dots on the Red mushrooms, using a white Posca pen  and a Sakura Gel Pen.

Brown Mushroom
Copic Markers:
E23, 25, 29, E49 
For this one I only use four markers!

Draw the Muschroom. I use dark colours for this fungus so I do not need to care so much if I paint on the lines. I have drawn with the pencil because they will not be visible through the ink and I'm not too careful when I paint something like this because I want it to look natural.

Add E29
Add E23 over the E29. Add E25 to the edges of the mushroom on the both sides and blend out with E23
More E29 on the edges 
Here I Start to blend a lot with E23 
At the end I make some dots and some lines with E25
Blend, blend, blend with E23 and E25
For the base of the mushroom I used E41, 40, 43 
Add  E43. Then you just blend out with E41 and E40

Look at the finished colouring below:

Good Luck !
and see you next month 


Friday, September 22, 2017


Hello lovely Copic friends, I have another art journalpage for you today. I have used the wonderful and lovely images by Vera Lane and off course they are coloured with Copic Markers. For the background I used the new Dylusions paints.

The Copics I used for colouring this cute witch are:
skin: E50, BV00, E00, E000.
I normally start with a layer of E50. Add the shadows with the BV00 and blend all layers together with the E00 en E000.

The witch's hat: V12, V15, V17, V09, YG11, YG13 and  YG17. 

For this funny flower I used V12, V15, V17, V09, YG11, YG13 and YG17. The eyes of the flower are coloured with B63, B66 and B69. 

The butterflies are coloured with V12, V15, V17 and  V09. The bird is coloured with  YG11, YG13, YG17, B63, B66 and B69. 

I just love colouring toadstools....
and I really needed some toadstools on this art journalpage.
I decided to use the blues and purples,  the V12, V15, V17, V09, B63, B66 and B69.
Start with the lightest of both colours 
Blend the blue and purple in the middle. For a smooth blending pick up some purple with the blue Copic marker and the other way around (pick up some blue with the purple Copic marker). This way you can make the edges smoother

and this is the end result...
hope you'll like it

and don't forget WITCH stands for

have a fabulous weekend


Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear members of this European group, 

I have to announce that there have been changes in the Copic Facebookgroups in the UK. 
The old "Copic UK group"does not get support anymore from the Copic community. 
All classes offered there are not the ECCP classes.
The only supported group is the group of our very talented Regional Copic Instructor Faye Wynn-Jones. Copic UK-Official Group.
This is the link to the group:

May I ask you to support this group of our Faye Wynn-Jones by becoming a member, you won't regret it. 
Candy: I will give away a Copic Drawing pen, great for drawing and pen and ink techniques.
On Sunday I will draw a name from the list of alle the members of the group.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Goodbye summer!

Hello everyone, it’s Sandra from Portugal.

I made this simple and sweet card with a Tiddly Inks digistamp – Cutelicious, to say goodbye to the summer.

I begin by colouring the sky, layering B0000 several times until I was happy with a  “smooth enough“ look. To colour the grass, I layered YG01 all over it, and then started flicking upwards with YG03, then YG17 and then YG25, for several rows.

I coloured the tulips with Y32/35/38 and YR68, used a popular combination for the dress - V12/15/17, and E70/71/74 for the shoes.

Then the hair with  E42/43/44/47 and skin with E000/00/11/21.

I chose  R05/08/29/46 to colour the ladybugs. I love to colour reds! Butterflies were coloured with B12/14/16/18, RV21/23/25/29 and C6/7/9. 

Finally I coloured the stems and leaves with YG23/25/63/67.

I realised then I had to add some more rows of grass, and then die cut the image to assemble a simple square card.

I hope you like it!

Here is a list of all the markers used:

Sky: B000
Grass: YG01/03/17/25
Tulip petals: Y32/35/38 and YR68
Tulips stems and leaves: YG23/25/63/67
Dress: V12/15/17
Hair: E42/43/44/47
Skin: E000/00/11/21
Ladybugs: R05/08/29/46
Buterflies: B12/14/16/18, RV21/23/25/29 and C6/7/9