Monday, May 10, 2021

Pretty in Pink Slimline Card

Hi all,

How are you doing?
Hope you like my slimline card I have prepared for you today.
I have called it pretty in pink.

I have stamped a cute rubber stamp from the Greeting Farm onto Perfect Colouring Paper with Krafty Kolours wicked black hybrid Ink.

This cute stamp is part of the special 10 years anniversary set.

Here she is 
Let's start to color her skin.

I have chosen a different combo this time;
YR 00, YR 20, E 95, E 97, E 99, R 85

Her hair with YR 20, E 97, E 99, E 18

Her jacket and stockings with RV 13, RV 34, RV 66, RV 69

Her hat
E 71, E 77, E 79

Her boots 
R 56, R 59, RV 34

Her dress
W 4, W 6, W 8, E 77, RV 69

She looks quite fun but I will add some white accents too.

Here you can see the difference I have added some dots with a white gelly roll pen.
After I have fussy cut the image with my scissors. 

To cut the various layers of card stock I have used some slimline dies from Crealies..
I love the borders of these dies they give an elegant look.
The image was added onto the card with some 3d foam pads.

As a fun detail I have added a small ( real ) zip on the top of the card.
I have inserted a paper flower from I am Roses too.

A simple cheery card in some pretty red pink shades.

Copic :
YR 00, YR 20, E 95, E 97, E 99, R 85, E 18
RV 13,RV 34, RV 66, RV 69
E 71, E 77, E 79
R 56, R 59, RV 34
W 4, W 6, W 8, E 77, RV 69

Hugs Blankina

Friday, May 7, 2021

Time for Mermay / Mermaids!

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today some mermaid inspiration! May is the month for mermaids so I picked a cute mermaid from The Greeting Farm Sparkle set and thought I would share the colouring and how to create an underwater scene for a mermaid - and a bit of boldness in my choice of colours! Copics have such vibrant colours, it would be a pity not to use them :)

Here is my final card:

I have recorded the whole Copic colouring process, which you can see below:

The only things I added after the video ended are touches of white and gold in gel pens here and there, a sentiment, and a few hearts in Copic multiliner next to my sentiment.

Below you can find a recap of all the colours I used:

Skin: BG000, BV00, E000, 00, 11
Hair: RV14, 25, 69
Tail: V04, 06, 09
Sea background: 0, B18, BG01, 13, 15, 49
Sand: E35, 41, 43, 47
Rocks: C3, 5, 7
Seaweeds: B18, 39, BG01, 05, 49

That's all from me today! Thanks for your support and for stopping by! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Monday, April 26, 2021

Spotlight on Copic Yellows & a Tiddly Inks video!

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share some Yellow inspiration! At the end of every month, I  post a card featuring one colour family and I picked Ys for today's post. I really like focussing on one colour family, I am clearly NOT a Yellow person and rarely use them, so it's nice to push myself out of my comfort zone! 

There are 12 Y Ciao and 20 Y Sketch markers. My card today uses Y02, 06, 11, 15, 21, 35, 38. You don't need to have ALL markers to get good results, just pick a few and use them for different parts of your image, or just by changing one marker in your combo:) Here is my final card:

The image I used is by Tiddly Inks, called Wryn Ducky Dance. Of course, thinking of yellows, my first thought went to ducks ;) I printed my image and die cut it with an MFT die, then coloured it in Copics. The DPs I used are by Doodlebug.

You can see the whole colouring process below:

Just a few tips and remarks:

- Note how I shaded my Yellow with a light BV on my ducks, a purplish colour works well for shading yellow.
- I put a bit of yellow here and there to have some harmony in my whole image: a touch of yellow on her boots, as if they were slightly tinted by all the yellow around, a bit of Y21 in the background, of course a yellow umbrella with some markers already used for the ducks (Y38, and Y15 replaced by Y35) and a couple more for a nice slight difference (Y06, 02). I also put a touch of yellow highlight in Wryn's hair.
- I matched my yellow markers with BV markers, yellow and purple are complementary so will always work well together. You find complementary colours on the colour wheel, they are opposite each other;)
- For the rain, don't be afraid to add a few strokes of any light blue colour across your image - it's a bit scary, but you will get a nice suggestion of falling rain. Also, you can add a few lines with a white gel pen, which I did in the bottom part of my image to suggest rain, and I also added a bit of white on the ground if you look closely :)

Here is a close up on the image and the list of all Copics I used:

Skin: BV00, E000, 00, 11
Hair: E35, 39, Y21
Clothes: BV08, 13, 17 
Boots: E31, 33, 35, 39, Y11
Umbrella: E33, 39, Y02, 06, 35, 38
Ducks: BV02, E33, 35, Y11, 15, 38
Ground: B60, E41, 43
Background: E31, 33, 50, Y21
Rain: B60

That's all from me today, thanks for stopping by! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cicci color a horse

 Hi Friends

Cicci here posting from Sweden. 

Today Im going to make a little horse. It was a very little horse a drew and it was a long time that I did such a little drawing. Sometimes I think its so much easier to color big with Copic Markers!! Ok lets get started- I try the best I can with this little little horse:0))

I did a horse in grey some years ago and you found it in the blog, and that was in A4 size!

Another horse by Cicci

Copic Combo

E53 E51 Y21 E95 E99 E00

Step 1
Draw a horse or use a stamp
Start to color with Y21

Step 2
Start with Y21

Step 3
Add E53

Step 4
Add and blend with E51

Step 5
Add E95

Step 6
Add E99

Step 7 

Blend all over with Y21

Step 8
Add and Blend with E51

Step 9
Add more E53

Step 9
Blend with E51

Step 10
Add a little E57

Step 11
Blend with E53

You can go over with more of the darker color and 
blend it out if you want to 
have a darker brown

If you want more yellow in the color you just add more of E21 or some Yellow marker.
Just use what you like and have fun!!!!

Have a wonderful Day 





Sunday, April 18, 2021

Happy Day

 Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

I decided I would like to colour this bear from the Colorado Craft Company Happy Day set on kraft card. I love the effect of copics on kraft card, they look much 'dirtier' and more grungey than when you use white card.

Aside from this, there are a couple of things to note...

Firstly, when you use copics on a cardstock with a loose weave such as kraft card, the card is thirsty! You will literally feel the card 'suck' the ink from your marker. Take this into account when laying the ink if you are normally quite heavy handed when you colour.

Secondly, wait for the ink to dry before you decide if you need to add more layers of shading. The ink really changes colour when it has dried on kraft card. When it's wet, it will look darker than you would normally expect. But you also can't see the graduation of shading as much as you would be able to notice on a lighter card. Wait. Let it dry. Then adjust. If you go for it while the ink is still wet, you won't be getting an accurate judgement and you may find you keep adding and adding shading that you don't need, which you will then need to correct when it has dried and you see what you've been left with.

You can watch me colour this bear on my You Tube Channel by clicking the logo below...

Copics Used...
Bear; E41, E42, E43, W3, W5
Bear Nose; E44
Grass; G02, YG45, G07, W5
Flower; YR23, YR27

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Anime Girl in Spring

Hello everyone

I wish to introduce myself, I am Antonella I love to draw manga or anime.

Here I try to introduce a girl using spring colors.

To create my drawings I always use copic multiliners.

For the base of the complexion use E000

I continue the complexion with E00

To give depth to the complexion and to color the cheeks and mouth I use E93

For the eyes I use C-1

I decided to color the eyes blue, use B000 and B93

For hair base use W-1

To give volume to hair use W-3

W-7 for shaded hair parts

B000 to finish hair

Use B000 to color the dress

B32 for dress shadows

B45 for dress folds

Y000 for flakes

YR31 to give depth to flakes

Use C-3 for balloon cords

For balloons I used: Y02, G00, BV02, R20 and B000

For light points I use a white gel pen

This is the end result

I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for your attention.