Monday, January 28, 2019


Hi everyone!! It's Virginia here. First of all... I haven't been here since last year so...Happy New Year!!

You know Valentine's Day is coming, at least, where I live, in Spain, and I'm sure all of you are in love so...let's do a romantic card for this special day!

I've used a Make It Crafty digital stamp, Cupid. I reconize that he seems to be more naugthy than lovely, lol.

Today I want to show you how to do a background with stunning clouds. You don't have to be especially good at drawing. As usual, here you have a step by step video. Remember! I'm still learning English so... Don't be harsh!! lol.

The Copic colours I've used are:

Sky: B0000-B91-C01-C00-Blender
Skin: E13-E21-E00-R20-R05-R02
Hair: YR28-YR24-YR21
Wings: C3-C1-C00
Bow and arrow: YR28-YR24-YR21-R39-R29-R24

I hope you like my project. See you in February with a new one.


Saturday, January 26, 2019

bomb diggity

Because it was quite a while ago, I decided to use my airbrush again. 
The airbrush is fabulous for making nice backgrounds with your Copic markers. 

Use a thick cardstock (I am using Bristol paper) and get a few of your stencils out on the table. 

I start with the B04 and spray some colour through my stencil.

My 2nd colour is R34. I also turned the stencil to make a checkered pattern.

I have the small stencil in smaller stripes, so I decided to use that as well in the same colours. 

I thought the background was still a little dull, so I added the Y08 randomly on the page. 

I also use some stamps to make the background a bit more interesting. 

When you use your stencils with an airbrush they really get dirty, but with a little hand sanitiser you clean them in a few seconds. 

Start with a layer of E50 and use BV00 for a schadow.

Add a layer of  E00 over the BV00 to make a warmer skintone. 

Blend  all layers together with E000 and E0000. 

I use the R35, 37 and 39 voor her hair and lips and B04 for her glasses. 

Add shadow with the B06. 

Blend all layers together with the B04. 

Use the Y08, 13 and 18 for the flower and the owl. 

Use the same yellows and blues for the hat and add some BV00 as shadow. 

The trousers , shoes and shirt will be red. I start with the R35. 

I also use  B04 for her shirt.

And some  Y08 for the hearts. Use a thin markers to make a checkered pattern in the hearts of the flower. 

Add more depth with the B06.

And B06. Blend all layers together B04. 
Use the R39 for the darkest parts of her trousers and shoes. 

I also use R37 and then I blend all layers together with R35. 

Use the same colours blue, yellow and red for the houses too.

I found a nice quote on the internet. Use a graphit pencil to write the quote on your page and use a thin marker to trace the words.  

And this is the end result.
See you all next month.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ciccis Favorite BlueGreen Combo

Hello Copic Lovers!
Cicci Here Posting today.
I'm going to show you one of my favorite BG-Combo
I have used an image from Christine Karron

Copic Markers Combo
Dress: B39 34 32 B00 000 BG02 BG72 BG09
Hair: YR20 E52 23 93 70 71 74 79 43
Skin: E93 50 51 53 YR20 E43 70 E23
Dog: E70 57 53 00 23 29 23
Sky and background: B000 00 BG10 Y13 BV31
Socks: B32 34 00 000

Step 1
At the beginning of the colouring I add 3 colours 
(B34 BG72 and BG09)
 on each other.
 Because I just want to have this blue green colour 
I start with B34
 Step  2
 The Second colour is BG72
 I add it on the B34

 Step 3
Colour 3 is BG09

Step 4 
I Blend out the colours I have used before with B32 and B34

Step 5 
I add more of BG72

Step 6 
Add B34
and flick a little from the other colours 

 Step 7
Add B39
I add that one in the part of the dress that I want to be darkest 

 Step  8
Add more of B34 and blend the other colours with B34

 Step 9
Add BG09

Step 10
Add B32 
 Step 11
Add  and Blend a little with  B97
 so you don't see the edge of the dark and light colours

Step 12
Add and blend  a lot of B34 again 

 Step 13
Add  and blend a lot almost over the whole dress 
With BG02 Leave a little white area
 Step 14 
Blend a lot with B00 in the end of the colouring all over the dress

Step 15
At the end I have filled with B32 34 and more of B39 also I blend with B00

Have a Wonderful Day 
Welcome to Visit the Copic Europa Blog anytime


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Birdie Love Scene

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a Copic scene featuring some adorable birds! For this scene I used elements from the MFT Tweet Friends set, and a heart branch by Penny Black from the All you need is Love set. I stamped my characters in Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and stamped the branch in Memento Toffee Crunch to have a brown branch and to be able to go over the hearts in Copics.

As always, I started with the background. I coloured the sky in B00, 02 and created a grass hill using G28, YG01, 03, 17, 67. For the sky, I tried to have a few marks in the sky to suggest very light clouds, instead of making a completely blended uniform colour for a change. 

I then added a bit of interest to my background, creating bushes on the right with my BG72, 75, 78, G21, YG 01, 03 and suggesting more nature in the far background, using light colours - G20, 21.

Next I coloured my characters - B93, 95, 97, 99 for the blue of the male bird, BV00, 02, 04 for a more girly colour for the female bird. I added shadows on the white of their fur in W0, 1, 3 and coloured their beaks in Y35, 38. The mushroom was done in C5, R35, 37, 39, E41, 42, 43.

I then coloured my heart branch, only going over the hearts in R35, 37. I added grass blades in W7, G29.
And then, all the little details: pink and white dots in Posca pen to suggest flowers, a few hearts in R37 falling from the branch, shadows under my characters in YG67, flying birds in the distance with a grey Copic multiliner. 

Sky: B00, 02
Grass: G28, YG01, 03, 17, 67
Blades of grass: G29, W7
Bushes: BG72, 75, 78, G21, YG01, 03
Male Bird: B93, 95, 97, 99, W0, 1, 3
Female Bird: BV00, 02, 04, W0, 1, 3
Hearts: R35, 37

I hope you enjoyed this happy little scene! Thank you very much for your visit, have a great weekend! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Super cool pals!

Hi all,

A new year has started and perhaps where you live you have some snow..
You can colour snow with various Copic combo's .
I have made this card of a sweet snowman  in one of my favorite snow combo's,
BG and BV.

But this snowman is not alone he also has a foxy friend!

Below you can find my step by step colouring.

I have stamped the super cool pals stamp set
from Kraftin Kimmie 
onto Perfect Colouring Paper
with Krafty Kolours Ink.

Colouring the snowman with :
BG 0000, BG 000, BV 0000

The jacket of the snowman with
B69, B 79, BV 08

The scarf with 
BG 43, BG 49

V 12, V 15, V 17

Some pattern on the scarf with
SP multiliner Turquoise 0.3,
multiliner lavender 0.3

The fox with
E 97, E 99, E 18

The carrot nose with
YR 61, YR 65, YR 68

Now I have added the coloured snowman and fox onto the background,
the  shaped piece of cardstock was cut with a lawn fawn die.

The text means for a real special person ( Impronte D'autore ) .
The stars were added with Nuvo paste using a stencil.

On the edges I have added some distress oxide 
and on the snow I have added some glitter.

I have decided to add some dots to create some texture on the dark jacket 
with a blender ( "0" )
and with a white gel pen I have added some details on the carrot, scarf  and jacket 

Time to add the texts onto the reveal wheel…
hello, ciao , hallo first in pencil an afterward with a black multiliner 
and now the mysterious part…

what happened to my photos of the finished card?
I have checked my photo camera , my computer files and mobile phone
but nothing at all :(. 

As I have put a lot of work into this tutorial I could not start a new one,
but before sending this card to a children's hospital in Italy 
for a charity initiative I have made this photo
The card was lilac and the reveal wheel bit was added onto that using some foam tape.

Thanks for your visit,