Friday, June 28, 2019


Hi everyone!! It's Virginia here with my June tutorial for you. 

I've not done a completed project yet. I'm still thinking about what to do with my coloured stamp but, the thing is that in Spain, where I live, it is coming into wedding season. For this reason, I've been working on something useful when I colour my wedding stamps, and one of the most difficult things for me is thinking about the backgrounds. 

Today I want to give you a new inspiration to your wedding projects.

I've used this sweety Tiddly Ink stamp. I think is the ideal stamp for a wedding project.

The Copic colours I've used are:

Skin: E13-E21-E00-R21
Bridegroom suit and shoes: N9-N7-N6-N5
Bride dress and shoes: R85-R83-R81
Ground: G46-G43-G40-YG21
Sky: B0000-B91-C1-C00-Blender
Heart and roses: R39-R29-R21-R14

As usual, here you have a very simple step by step video tutorial:


And remembar that I have a step by step video tutorial about how to do the sky on my YouTube channel:

And that's all. I hope you like my tutorial and hope it will be useful for you.

See you next month. Bye!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Burn the Letters

Hi everyone
We have our first tropical week this year, so time for a sunny page, with a gloomy quote ;-).

Start with Y15 and use Y19 for some shading. 

Blend Y19 with the Y18. 

And use the Y15 for a nice colour scheme. 

Sometimes the lightest colours bleach out the darker ones, just add more of the darker colours to give it some depth. 

The head will be pink and I use the RV02. 

For shading add some RV04 and RV06. 

Blend all layers together with RV02. 
In the end I decide to use some FRV1 to make the pink a bit more tangy. 

With the Y18 I add some spots on the head of the cat. 

Use the Y15 and RV02 for the wings.  

I also add some R35.

For shading use the RV09, YR16 and R39.

Use the RV06, YR16 and R37 next.

Blend all layers together with RV02, Y15 and R35. 

Time to start colouring the girl
I start with E50.

Use BV00 for shading. 

Add  E00  on the BV00 and blend all layers together with E000. 

Use R35 for her hair and lips.
Y13 for the flower and RV00 for her spectacles.

Add RV39, Y19 /Y16 and RV06 / RV09 for shading.

Use R35, Y13 and RV00 to blend the layers. 

Add some of the darker colours again if they bleached out too much (when you were blending them with the lighter colours). 

For her hat I use Y15, RV02, R35 and YR16. 

Use the darkest one of each colour, Y19, RV04, R37 and YR18 and blend them with the 1st layer. 

Use the YR16 for her dress. 

i also use RV02 and R35. 

Add some shading on her boots and socks with Y18 and  RV06.  And use R39 for shading the dress.  

Blend all layers together with YR16, RV 02 and R35.
Now I notice that I forgot some shading on her dress. I add it quickly using the Y19. 

Blend the yellow with YR16 and cut out all the images. 

I found this funny quote on the internet. I also added some washi tape around the edges of the page. 
Finally I use a black marker to enhance the black parts of the images. 

enjoy and have some fun
see you next month again

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cicci Colour Skin and Hair

Hi Copic Lovers!
Cicci here today posting, I'm going to show you how I draw and colour this skin tone and hair.

I have used these Copic Markers for both the Hair and skin:

E70 71
E000 00 E21 E04

Step 1
I started to draw a face with E70

Step 2 
I made some texture 
with E000 in the face

Step 3 
Here I added E41 in the face and also in the hair

Step 4
I added E71 on the eyes, on the lips, hair and nose

Step 5
Here I started to blend with E70 

Step 6
I add more E41 and blend E41 together with 
the other colours I have used before

Step 7
Now I add E04 for more depth 

Step 8
I blend with E00

Step 9
Add E41 and blend again

Step  10
I add more E70 and blend it together
 with the other colours 

Step 11
Now I use E21 in the hair and in the face where I want it darker

Step 12
Blend it all together with E00

Step 15
I added in the end, more of E70 and blend it with E000 and E00


For the Eyes I have used E23 15 70 71

Thank you for watching and come again anytime
HUGS from the Copic Europa girls

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Black and White Manga

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a 100% Copic make! No need to have lots of Copics to colour an image, you can colour in black and white - and with a limited number of markers. I used 7 markers for today's post and picked the C family because I really like the Cool Greys but you can of course achieve the same look with the Ts, Ns or Ws. 

My love of manga images is no secret so I chose a super cute Make it Crafty image to colour in black and white, called Debbie's Surprise. The image itself is 15cm high - meant to go into one of my frames, which is why I printed it that size.

When colouring black and white, I always start with the skin and the lightest colours to try not to go too dark - once it is coloured, it's easier to go darker if you feel your skin needs to be darker rather than making it lighter!!! I used C00, 0, 2 and 4 for the face. I placed the shadows in C0 first to see where I wanted the skin to be dark and then coloured from dark to light - C4 down to C00.

I then did the rest of the skin, using C0, 2, 4. If you take a close look, you will see I left some very thin white parts on the edges of the arms for light reflection. I also added a bit of C2 on the eyes for the colour of the iris and the shadow below the eyelash.

I then moved on to the clothes. I chose to go for a dark top, to have some contrast on the image. I did keep the scarf quite light, but still darker than the skin. 
The top was done using C6, 8, 10, and the scarf C2, 4, 6 (where my very darkest colour for skin was C4 in a few places for dark shadows). The idea is really to take the most of the range of tones and not use the same tones on elements that are side by side.

Hair - always last for me! I knew from the start I would make them black - strong contrast with the skin. I used C6, 8, 10 just like for her shirt. 

And here it is framed for my craftroom :)! Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx