Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daria Myagkikh - Treat Or Trick?

Hi everybody!

Today is the one day before Helloween and for this post I decided to create a card that is dedicated to this fun, naughty and spooky holiday! :)

I like creating cards using only copics - so here is my what came out this time.
As usual I took accetate as a body for the card Than I decided to create a scene using couple of dies and stamps. I colored house and little witch - both from Mo Manning - than cut them out.
Next I die cut tree and fense - colored them. And than gather everthing together + adding ranger stickles. :)
Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo - card is ready! 

The key numbers for image are:

            Skin  - E000, E01, E11, R11 (for cheeks)
Hair and cat - Y35,YR07,YR12,YR14,YR18,E35,E37,E99
 - BV00,BV02,BV08, BV11,BV13,BV17,YG03,YG93,C2
BV00,BV02,BV08, BV11,E51,E53,C2,C4,YG93,E87
Tree - E53,E35,E37,E39,E44,YR14,Y35,YG95,E84,E87,E99
Fense - C1,C3

Wishing you a great day and very creative mood!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Window card with Ppinky Dolls

Hello blog readers,
with my DT package of the company Dutch Doobadoo I recieved a Shape Art template to create this window, I made a so called diorama card with it. Between the front and back panel is a space where you can make your decorations at various depths.

First I put the template on a piece of white card stock and tracked it with a pencil. Then have cut all the lines and the line between the window and shutters is creased. 
Then I just folded the shutters down and measured the window. The inside measures  9.5 x  9.5 cm . To create my diorama card I took two pieces of card stock 15 x 19.5 cm. On the short side, I shivered at 1.5 cm, 3 cm and 4.5 cm. I did this with both pieces of card stock, one part forms the back and the other the frontpanel. 
The first 1.5 cm is the adhesive strip. 
On the front I glued a square design paper 14.5 by 14.5 cm (I took from Studio Light " Lovely Christmas"). 
Then I cutted a square of 9.5 x 9.5 cm in the middle. there I have glued my window. Then I decorated the window and the shutters with PaperArt flower pots, stars, ice crystals and a bow, I colored parts of it with a red Copicmarker. 

On the outside of the shutters and the card I have glued lanterns, ginger bread guys and some stars.

Then it was time to decorate  the rear panel on the inside processed in 3D. Starting with glueing the design paper and  the paper with my colored Ppinky doll dolls.

Some cardboard squares and little birds completed the inside.

I colored a lantern with my Copic R46 which I glued back on Softboard squares. The kraftlabel holds my Christmas wish. I stuck the two pieces together, please consider, that you have the fold strips at the bottom at the front panel and the rear panel to the top.

Here the picture of the Ppinky Dolls I have colored with myCopics.
Skin E000-00-11-13-04 cheeks R21
Hair boy: R255-53-52-50
girl: E47-44-43-41-40
Reds : R21-43-46-59-T5
Greens BG 90-93-96-99
Shirt and shoes Boy: W00-1-3-5-7
Fence: N0-2-4-6'
Deer: 40-43-44-47
bag E31-33-35-37

 I've just created a schematic drawing of the two parts cardstock.

I have a surprise for the readers of this post. Leave a message and you make a change to win one of the two Shape Art templates, a give away from Dutch Doobadoo.
I will draw the winner on Sunday the 2 of November.

Hugs Diny Sprakel

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Catch your heart...

hi everyone, Miranda here
I have another art journalpage to share.

I always start making a background first. This one is made with Dylusions ink and Dutch Doobadoo masks and some stamping (script by Dylusions).

I bought this girlstamp a little time ago, it's by Prima Marketing and it's quite large too. So there is a lot to colour, which we all love, don't we?

I used my copics for this Indian girl. 
I started colouring the skintones first, using E000, E00, E11 and E21. The lips are made red R20, R35 and R89. I used these reds and R32 and R29 to colour to poppies in her hair. For the feathers and eyes I used B0000, B24, B41, B95 and B99. I built up the feathers using small lines, starting in the middle of the feather and lifting up my marker reaching the outside of the feather. This way you will get a darker colour in the middle and a lighter one on the outside. 
For the hair I used YR 07, YR16, E 25, E47 and  E79. I coloured each string of hair seperately, starting with the darkest colour working back to the lightest and more orange ones. 
all shading is done with C1, C3, C5 and C6

I found the quote on the internet, and I really love it.

hope you like my page
have a fabulous day 
and see you next month


Monday, October 27, 2014

Pink Ribbon

Hello readers,
this post should be online last Saturday, a little delay this time.

in October we acknowledge, worldwide,  the campain Pink Ribbon.
That is why I, Rozzan
made a card with a lot of pink and send it to a very good friend.

The papers and the textstamp are from K-designs in Sweden.
"Every snowflake is unique, just like you."

This Saturated Canaries image of Krista Smith was a contribution to the breast cancer awareness some years ago, her shirt has the logo of  Pink Ribbon.
 I have added color in lovley pastel color to the image, for feminine touch.

Colors I have used...
Skin: E000,02,11,13 and Lips: E000,04
Hair: E41,42,43,44
Pants: V20,22,25
Shirt: turquoise: BG000,53,57 and pink: RV11,63,66

Hugs From Rozzan

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tutorial: Skies

this time I'll show you how to draw Skies.
First of all, keep some rules in mind. Otherwise it will be very difficult to draw a beautiful sky.

Rule #1: Know YOUR PAPER!
Copics behave variable on different paperand on some blending smoothly  is very difficult.

RULE #2: Choose a suitable paper!
Choose a paper which is not only suitable for mixing and blending colours 
but also can bear some layers.

Rule #3: Use Copic Sketch or Ciaos
Because of their brush nib they are more suitable for drawing fluffy clouds and smooth blending 

RULE #4: Know how to mic colours. If you're clueless, use the Copic Colouring Wheel.
It can be a great help

Let's start with the easiest Sky: A simple blue sky

1.Choose a paper suitable for colouring wide areas smoothly

2.Roughly outline the clouds with a pale grey marker

3. Begin to paint the background, starting with the darkest colour
and drawing in one direction 

4. Mark the skies colour gradiation with different colours
while sparing the clouds
5. Start blending by mixing the colours

6. Once the background is finished, you can draw the clouds,
beginning with tagging the darkest areas.

7. Again mark the different colour gradations and apply the colour
in small circling strokes. Don't forget to spare some white areas!

8. After blending the colours by mixing them, you can set some highlights
 with white gel pen, ink or opaque white

Hahnemühle Layout & Illustration Manga Paper
Sky: B32,B28, B26,B24,B23,B12,B00
Clouds: B91,B60,B41,BV20, N1 +White Gel Pen

The next one is a little bit mor complicated. It's a dawn sky

1.Start with tagging the background area with a yellow and blue  colour tone

2. Be careful to keep space between yellow and blue and start tagging the clouds with BV25-23 

3.Choose a drawing direction. Start colouring with wiping movements (steadily decreasing pressure)

4. Roughly define the light and the dark areas. Use YR-tones for the bright areas

5. Start blending by adding new colour levels and mixing them

6.For a soft transition between the lightest and the darkest area use YR-(Layer) and Y(base)-tones and mix them

7. Apply the colour in circling strokes to make the clouds fluffy

8. Continue blending until you're satisfied with the result


Hahnemühle Illustration & Layout Manga Paper
Colours: V99, V20, V01, V0000,BV31, BV25, BV23, BV20,B60,
B32,B23, R20,R02, YR61, YR02, YR01, YR00,Y11, Y00


1. Start again with tagging the clouds and you light areas

2.Choose a light background colour and draw in one direction

3. Highlight the light areas with a YR tone

Apply the colour in circling strokes to make the clouds fluffy. Use BV 24-23 for the dark parts

5. Step by step ad another layer with circling strokes. 

Hahnemühle Illustration & Layout Manga Paper
V95, Rv91, Rv32, R20, R00, E00, E000, E04,B60,,BV31,BV25,BV23,BV20,BV00,YR61,YR20,YR02,YR01

I hope my tutorial was helpful.

Kind regards,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Princess Serenity fan art, by Suki Manga Art

Dear Copic friends, following my love for "Sailor Moon" I created a fan art inspired in Princess Serenity ^^

For this illustration I used the copic markers here below:

Skin: E000 - E00 - E11 - R20
Eyes: B000 - B00 - B12 - B05 - 0 (Blender)
Hair: Y15 - Y11- E11 - YR07
Clothes:  C1 - C3 - C5 - E11 - Y15 - Y11
Background: B29 - B99 - B45 - B00 - B000 - B05 - 0 (Blender) –C1 – C3 – C5 – C7- G000 

I finally used a white ink pen for little details,
 And this is the final result:

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question

See you next month! (* 3*)/  (bye....)

Suki Manga ^^

Twitter: @Suki_Manga

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share some Copic Christmas inspiration with a cute Santa by CC Designs.

I stamped CC Designs Santa's Chair and CC Designs Santa Claus, coloured them with my Copics and cut them out. I used a piece of BoBunny DP and white cardstock for the background of the card, joined with a Stamperia Ribbon and I added a CC Designs sentiment embossed in white. I then put my Santa and his chair on foam squares. For matting, I used my Copic E49 to colour the edges of my white cardstock - an easy trick, very convenient when you don't have the right colour of cardstock ;)!

Skin: E000, 00, 01, 11, 23
Hair and Beard: C0, 1, 3
Glasses: BG0000
Outfit: C5, R35, 37, 39, 89, W0, 1, 3, 5
Belt: C5, 7, 9, Y11, 21, 26
Shoes: C1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Chair: E40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 47
Gifts: B37, 39, R35, 37, 39, YR04, 07, Y11, 15, 21, 26, YG03, 17

Thank you very much for your visit, have a lovely day!
Delphine xx

Saturday, October 18, 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Good morning Copic friends, Elizabeth here today with some inspiration for you.
October is breast cancer awareness month, so I decided to make a couple of cards to remind you all to check yourselves! My thoughts go out to all the strong and beautiful ladies currently fighting every day: Stay Strong Ladies! 

Lots of artists have made images to fund or support breast cancer research and help raise awareness. I   have used two of them: One from La La Land Crafts and one from Art by Mi Ran.

I made a gatefold card with lots of Maja Design papers.

Here's Awareness Ribbon Marci by La La Land Crafts. Copics used:
Skin: E000-04-11-13-21, R20
Hair: E29-25-21
Dress: BV29-25-23-20, W7
Pink: R89-85-81
"White": W7-3-1-00

 The sentiment inside is a Bob Marley quote: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!" 

Here's my second card:
 I used the same Maja Design Papers, just added some blue ones. The sentiments are by La La Land crafts.

The beautiful image is Heartfelt by Art by Mi Ran.
Copic colors used: 
Skin: E000-04-11-13-21, R20
Hair: E39-35-31-30-59
Skirt: BV29-25-23-20, W7
Pink: R89-85-81
"White": W7-3-1-00

 I made another sentiment inside this card, a quote I found online.

Hope you like my cards, and don't forget to check yourselves!
Thanks for stopping by, 
Wishing you a colorful day! 

Crafty hugs,