Friday, January 22, 2021

Cicci Coloring Winter

 Hi Friends!

Cicci here, posting. Here in Sweden we have a little snow and its so beautiful and I hope the snow stay here a few days

I going to color some snow today and the Copic markers I have used are:

BG000 B00 B01 B02 BG0000 BG49 BG34 BG07 BG11. B32 B91 BG70 

 I have used the same copic markers for the snow and trees. 

Step 1
I draw a winter landcape 

Step 2

I color snow trees hand and forest with the same markers

Step 3
Fill with B01 at the same way

Step 4
Blend with B00 and contine with B01 
Just add the new color over  the other you just used

Step 5
Add and blend with BG11

Step 6
Add BG70 and blend

Step 7
Add B91 for more depth

Step 8
Add B32

Step 9
Add and blend with BG11

Step 10
Add BG07

Step 11
Add and blend with B02

Step 12
Blend with B01

Step 13
Add and blend with B02

Step 14
Add and blend with BG25

Step 15
Add and blend with BG34


Have a Wonderful day all of you
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Smiles and Hugs!! 


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A Little Piece of Colourful Doodle Art !

 Hi all,

It is my first post here on the blog for the year 2021.
Todays post is some "doodle art" full of colour. Copic also has various special papers, this is from the  paper selections called autograph board

The boards come in 3 sizes and have a golden frame. My choice was the smallest 136 mm x 120 mm .

The reverse side is yellow with gold dots.

I have started to draw some lines without thinking as I call this technique anti-stress colouring. It should come from inside better to use a pencil as later you might want to change some details.

With a black multi-liner with a 0.8 tip I have traced the pencil lines, the parts I did not like were erased.

Now I think my design is ready .

I wanted it to be cheery so I have started with some bright colours.

Slowly I add more colours without particular scheme, I just try to avoid using the same colours next to each other.

RV 04, RV 06, RV 29, RV 17, RV 69, 
Y 06, Y 08, Y 19
YR 07, YR 18, YR 68
B 24, B 29, FB2
YG 23, YG 25, FYG2
Copic multiliner black 0.8 

Ohh isn't a colour explosion!?

The inside is white around 2021 a little symbolic sign, as we do not know how this year will be.

For sure colourful with our lovely Copic markers.

Hope you have enjoyed my post  and I hope to see you soon again!

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hugs Blankina