Friday, April 28, 2023

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

Hi there!
Helen here and today I want to show you a colored stamp image from
Doodle Factory and the stamp set Prehistoric.

As I always does, I used Perfect Coloring Paper and Memento Ink.

I sketched in a background.

This time I outlined my object so they blend in with the stamped image.
And I wanted a more cartoonish tree this time.

Starting of coloring the first layer of the skin with E11.

My darkest shade is E15 and the midtone is E13. He got some R00 - R02 on the cheeks.

For the hair and beard I layer in the highlights first with B24.

Next I added C3 for the whole beard.

And to darken the hair and beard I used C7 - C5.

For the peltry I used Y32 - YR24 - YR23.
And I didn´t stressed out trying to get a soft blending.
I knew I would add a pattern on top and if it was leather the color wouldn´t be even.

Added the pattern with E47.

The groundshades are E51 - E55 - E53.

The outside of the cave got C2. And inside I used C4 - C6 - C7 - C9.

The treetrunk is colored with E31 - E33 - E35 - E37.
I made some pattern in the darken area, just to hint that there are bark.

As I wanted the tree cartoonish, i filled the tree tops more even, not trying to define some leafs.

Scribbled in something to give the outside of the cave a surface used C4 - C2.
A shadow from the tree, C4 - C6, and my caveman, E55 - E53 - C6.
Some stones on the mark and a little grass used YG67.

I didn´t liked how the surface, spape of the wall of the cave came out when I tried to shape it.
So, I just covered it up with my sentence.
The receiver will not know :P

This is my first coloring of the image but I know I need to make another one.
I want to make him pale Scandinavien, red haired and in a winter scenery.

Happy coloring til next time.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Cicci makes a grey rose

Hi COPIC lovers !!

Cicci here posting, today I make a easy rose. Perfect to make when you dont have so much time tio make a card and tjongande like that.

COPIC I have used 

C0 C2 C3 C5 C7 C10 

Step 1

Draw a rosé

Step 2 

Draw the lines with C3

Step 4 

Add  C2 and blend with C0

Step 5
Add C3

Step  6
Add BV31 

Step 7 
Add all the greys again one by one and 
blend when you need to. 

Step 8
This was a short tutorial today but I hope you try amyway!!

Lots of HUGS and HUGS 


Design-team membrer COPIC Europe blogg 

Have great Day everyone !! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Spring flowers

 Hello everyone!

Rosi there!

I'm here today with some spring flowers. I love flowers and that's not a surprise as i am working as a floral designer. I love to make lovely bouquets and arrangmentsas much as i love to color flowers. So i choose to color this image from Lily of the Valley.

The colors i used for the beautiful dafodills are Y11,15,19 and E33 i also added some Yellow reds in the middle of some of them.


For the stems and leafs i used G03,46 and YG00

The Primula is colored with 2 color combos.

In the middle I used Y15,19

I colored the zink cane with cold greys.

So that's all for today .

                                                              Have a wonderful springtime.

Friday, April 14, 2023

The Blueberry Girl

Welcome back !!!

For the month of April I used various shades of B, BV, V, R and RV to color my manga girl.

To you the tutorial:

Drawing with violet Copic Multiliner.

R000,V000 and RV10 for complexion.

B000, BV000, BV02 and BV13 for the eyes.

I drew the eyelashes and finished the eyes with violet Copic Multi-liner. B60 for shadow in the eyes, B45, BV13 and BV000 for eyelids.

BV000 and RV10 for the lips.

RV10 for the base of the hair. Complete with BV02, B32, B45 and BV13.

BV13 and V17 for the top.

After making the light points with a white gel pen, this is the final result.

Thanks for reading.
Bye bye