Thursday, September 14, 2023


 Hello everyone!

For the month of September I used shades of yellow and green in particular.


Drawing with Copic multiliner 

YR0000 and YR00 for the complexion 

YR0000,YG91 and YG63 for the hair 

For sunflowers: Y000,Y02,YR31,E33 and Y17

YG01,G99,G21,YG91 and YG63 for the leaves and stems of sunflowers 

To complete the sunflowers: E49,E15,E35,E33 and E11

YR00 for the mouth. Y02,E35 and E71 for the eyes. C1 for the shadow in the eyes.

For shoes: C1,Y000,Y02, YR31 and YG91 

For the band:Y000,Y02 and YR31. 
For the dress: C1 and Y000

B000 for the background 

After using a white gel pen this is the final result 

Thanks for reading 

Bye bye 




Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Spooky night video!


Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today :) I'm in the mood for Halloween so created a spooky night card for today's post! I decided to use one set and create a scene with it. The set is AALL & Create #954 set by Janet Klein, called I Love Brains.

Here is my final card:

I used bats, a zombie stamped three times, the house and sentiment from the set. For once I quickly included the stamping and building of the scene at the beginning of the video , thinking it might be useful to some crafters. Then the video of course focusses on the whole colouring process. 

Some of the things you will see are the use of grays for contrast and adding a night feel to a scene, blending with an orange sky, combination for a pale earthy skin, adding light to grass with a simple trick among other things ;)

Here is a close up of my scene and a recap of all the colours I used:

Skin: BV00, E51, 53
Bandages: W3, 5
Sky: Y35, 38, YR04, 07
Grass: 100, G99, Y08, YG95, W7
House: BV00, E53, 57, 79, V09, 12, 15, 17, W3, 5, 7, Y11, Y35, YR04

Thanks for stopping by today, have a fab day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Tall Cake

Hi there!
Helen here today showing you yet antother image from Mo Manning.
I can´t help it, I love her images.

The image is called Tall cake and it´s a digital stamp, so this time I printed it on Perfect Colouring Paper to be able to colour it.

I love to see the character become alive, so I often start with the skin, to make the image pop.

Skin: E000 - BV20 - E11 - E50.

This time I just wanted some shadows and highlights in this areas,
so I got a cold gray shade instead of a light blue on as I did here.

Cheeks: R00
Apron and bakers hat: C00 - C0 - C1 - C3 - Blender 0

I use to start moisturizing the part I´m going to colour with a light shade.
You can´t see a light area as E30, but it´s my first layer here.
Some might think it´s a waste of ink, but I got my ink to use,
and I believe it makes the transitions easier to create.

Cake: E30 -E31 - E33 - E35 - E37

Dress: BV10 - BV11 - BV15 - BV34

Hair: Y32 - E13 - E15

Icing: RV0000 - RV000 - RV02 - RV13
Tray: YR21 -YR23 - YR24
Outer glow from candles: Y00

Shoes: C3 - C5 - RV10 - RV13
Apron: RV13
Ground: W00 - W0 - W1 - W3 - W5

I finished my colouring  by making some bokeh effect,
to add some festivity to the image.

Bokeh:Y0000 - Y00, BV000 - BV00, BV0000 - BV10

Happy colouring till next time.


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Cicci playing with colors

 Hi COPIC lovers

cicci here  posting from Sweden, today i playing around with my Copics. 

Lots of lines and no thinking for thos coloring 

Step 1

I draw a face and some patterns

Step 2
Color the lines with YG91


Step 3
More lines with R000

Step 4 
Add and blend YG000

Step 5
Add YG02

Step 6
I color with YG99 YG97 YG93 YG91 
Blend a few times with YG93 YG91
Then I go over with all YG markers again and blend with YG93

Step 7
Add YR04

Step 8
Add  YR07 blend with YR04
Add Y32 and Y02

Step 9  
Add YG97

Step 10
Go over with Y02

Step 11
Add some dots with YG97 and if you feel like color some grass, 
you can use YG91 or with YG93

Step 12
Add YG95

Step 13
Add and blend with Y02

Step 14 
Use Y32 for the face

Step 15
Add E37 and blend with Y21

Step 16
Add E41 over the face and blend 

Step 17
Add E53 over the face

Step 18
Use E18 for the eyes

Step 19
Make some flowers witth E18

Step 20
Go over the face with E53 and blend 
with E51

Step 21 
Make some strokes over the fawith E70

Step 22
Blend with R11

Step 23
Use R85 for the hair

Step 24
Add R27

Step 25 
At hte end I have add some white details with a gele roll pen Sakura

I hope you try this at home and just playing around 
with your Copic Markers

Thank you for visit us here at the Copic Europe  blogg