Friday, June 28, 2024

Three Colour Combinations for Green

Helen here today.

As I had told you before I love to find and collect some older stamps.
This little guy is from a Swedish store and he was called "Sly dog" and came in many different situations.

As a friend of mine asked for a card for someone who graduated I thought of this fellow.
The receiver likes green so I picked some paper and started to colour some sly dogs.

As always I used Perfect Colouring Paper and stamped my images with a Memento Ink Pad.

My first layer of the body: G00

Body: G02 - G16 -G R02 - R11 - T1 - T3
Eyes: B000
Glasses: V000
Book: E40 - E41 - V04

First layer of the body: YG13

Second layer of the body: YG17

Third layer of the body: YG63 - 

Cheeks: R11
Eyes: B000
Glasses: E41
Book: BG0000 - BG000  - BG01 - R24 (later)

First layer of the body: YG0000

Second layer of the body: YG01

Third layer of the body: YG03

Cheeks: R02
Eyes: B000 - B00
Glasses: B0000
Shadow: T3

I filled in the shadows with Black 100.

Hope you colour something green today!
See you next time!

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Cicci color koi fish

Hi COPIC lovers 

Cicci here posting. Summer in Sweden  and to days post is about fish-koi fish 

Step 1 

A drew a sketch

Step 2 
I started with YR16 and 

Step 3 
Continue with YR16 and YR09

Step 4
Add Y04

Step 5 
Add YR18
Making  A few dots with Y02 and YR18

Step 6 
Add FYR1 and blend with FY1 

Step 7 
Add more of YR18

Step 8 
Blend again with FY1

Step 9
Add YR04 

Step 10 
Blend again with FY1 

Step 11
Add FRV1 
I Also made some dots with FRV1 som 

Step 12 
More dots with BG000

Step 13 
For the background I used various ink and some paper 
Add FBG2 at the paper and add on the paper 
Step 14
Add R20 
I Also used Y02 B000 and  
Take the colors you like. 

I hope you try my background with dots and various ink and welcome anytime you like 


Friday, June 14, 2024

Tropical Tucano Pop-Up Card.

Hello everyone

For the month of June I colored a My Favorite Things stamp, which I then used to create a pop-up card.


I color the flowers with R000,RV10 and RV52.

RV52, RV13 and RV14 for hibiscus.

Y02,Y08 and Y17 for flowers petioles.

YG01, YG06, YG23 and G07 for the leaves.

YG41,G21, YG63 and G99 for the other leaves.

For the toucan : C0,C5, C7 and 100.
For the toucan's beak: Y08, Y17 and YR04.

For the branch: E35 and E18.
White gel pen for bright spots.

This is my finished birthday card.

Thank you
Bye bye