Thursday, July 28, 2022

Nuts About You!

Hello everyone.

Helen here!
Today I will show you an image from the Greeting Farm and it is from a stamp set called Forest friends.

I stamped the image on Perfect Colouring Paper with my black Memento ink pad.

My first  coat for the squirrels isYR09 and I cover the whole area where the squirrels should be reddish brown.

Then I went for my shadow color, the darkest, E19.

My midtone wasE08.

And then I went over it once again with YR09 to smoothen it all out.

For the hat of the acorn I used E81-E84.

And the shadow color is E87.

For the white part of the squirrels, I started with W0.

Then I got in with W3 for the darkest colour.

W1 is my midtone. And R11 for cheeks.

Fot the acorn I used E33-E37-E35.
And I sketched in the tree with a light grey.

I starded with the lightest colour for the tree, E31, and the grass, YG03.
I don´t bother to get the colouring even, I know it will be a lot of layers in top of this first one.

With E31 I tried to make a pattern for the cortex. I tried to get some asymmetric rectangles but I wasn´t happy with what I got. But I let it be and strarted to work on top of the result I got.

Instead I got in with my E25 and scribbled in some vertical lines. I varied the pressure on the nib to get both thin and thicker lines. Don´t  overthink this moment, just scribbel on but try to not get an even pattern.

The grass got layers of YG25-YG17, and the sky got a layer of B000.

To darken it all upp the tree got a layer of E29 and E49. 
On the grass I used YG67-YG99.
The sky got B00.
And for the flowers R11.

 Hope you liked this post. 
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Friday, July 22, 2022

Cicci color little baby

Hi COPIC lovers!
Cicci here posting, today its hot here in Sweden so better to be inside with some COPIC markers in grey:)

Today I show how I color this baby face up 

Step 1
First I drew a sketch for the baby face and then I used my lightboard to drew the face again. 

Step 2 
I used an eraser to erase all the lines so they wont be visibel in the finished image. Then I color all the lines again but with a COPIC markers C0 

Step 3 
Color with C3 over the C0

Step 4
Make some strokes with C7 
Step 5
Time for some blending 
With C3 C2 and C1

Step 6 
I took some markers from the T-markers 
T3 and T4 and added in the hair to blend the other colors. Id you dont have them 
you can use C5 and C3 

Step 7
In this step I go over the hair with  all the markers once again
Add and blend- add and blend 

Step 8
I Aldo put some color in the face and I used C3 C1and blend  with C0

Hope you like it and try to make a little face with your markers at home !!

Have a wonderful day and welcome again 

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Fairy Sleepy

Hello Copic lovers!

Today is my turn to get you inspired by using Copic markers!

Today I am sharing my colouring of the cutest ever fairy . It is called Fairy Sleepy

My skin color combo is E0000, E000, E00, E11, E21 and R20 for the cheeks. I always start with E0000 all over the skin.

I go over my E11 with E21 in order to darken my shadows . Cheeks I color with R20.

Then I mark my shadows with E11.

Then I mark my shadows with E21.

At last I go all over the skin with E00 and E000.

Cheeks I color with R20. My skin is ready. If I'm not satisfied with the shadows , I repeat the steps again. I always do this twice.

Today I wanted to show a dark blond hair. I used only 3 colours - E31, E33 and E35. I'm starting with the lightest color E31 making long strokes.

My E33 is followed by E35 also with strokes

I repeat with strokes until I'm satisfied.

For the wings I used B91

and RV52 blended with colorless blender.

The grass i made with strokes YG41 followed by G94.

Isn't she cute?

That's all from me today. See you soon.

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Bye bye!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Detective Conan

Hello everyone! For the month of July I drew a Manga character, chosen because it is one of my son's favorites.

Here is the tutorial for you: 

Drawing with Copic Multiliner

E21 for the complexion and complete the shadows with E11

E37 and E49 for Conan's hair

C-3 and BV29 for Kogoro Mori's hair

C1 for eye shadows and B97 for Conan's eyes

B18 for Conan's jacket and B97 for Kogoro Mori's jacket,C5 for the shadows of the two jackets

C1 for shirts and B000 for sweat drops

R46 for the papillon and R59 for the necktie. C5 for shadows

R81 for mouths

This is the end result

Bye bye