Sunday, April 30, 2017

Colouring an ivory weddingdress

Hi Copic lovers!

It's Deborah here today with some colouring inspiration and a little tutorial.
If you colour white on a wedding dress with grey, it sometimes gets a dirty look. Like it's already in the laundry for 10 times 😉

And if you don't want it to be the traditional white white dress but more of a crème look, than it's the perfect tutorial for you.

first I started to map out where the darkest colours going to be with my lightest marker (E41).
Try to find the darkest places and think at every spot you colour. Is it in the front? How are the folds going? Is there falling a shadow on it?...

Then we going to darken it up with E44

Then we're going to add the deepest shadows with our darkest colour, E47

And blend things out again with E44 and E43

Now that the deepest shadows are ready, we're going to focus on the lightest parts of the dress. Try to imagine where would be the lightest  places in the dress and keep them white and add some E41 in the other places.

Blend the white part together with the créme one using E40

And this is the finished image. Now you have an ivory dress!

Here are all the colours I've used:
skin: E04, E11, E21, E00, E000
hair girl: E57, E55, E53, E51, E50
hair boy: E47, E44, E43, E50
ivory: E47, E44, E43, E41, E40
blue: N9, B39, B37, B34
red: R59, R37

Here's the finished card!

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Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tutorial - Curly Hair

Good morning, I'm Cristina Valenzuela.

This is a simple tutorial to colour curly hair.
Within the curly hair there are many types, I have decided to make a curly hair, because this stamps, from Doodle by Creastamps has no lines in the hair and offers me many possibilities.

For my step by step I have chosen the tones E70, E71, E74, W7 and Blender 0.
You can change the E70, E71 and E74 for W1, W3 and W5 if you want darker hair.

First of all I will colour the higher parts with the lighter colour, E70.
I make curved strokes without much sense to give curved hair appearance.

The second, I frame the parts of more darkness and shadow, I have used E74.

Also, with this same dark colour, E74, I add curved strokes to my hair, without touching the outermost part and more light.

With an intermediate tone, E71, I have been covering this hair, with strokes of curves.

I repeat with the dark tone, E74 to add intensity and more curls.

I also repeat with E71 not to leave big holes and to degrade colours.

For a touch of more intensity of colour I added W7 in the deepest parts, it gives volume and realism.

I unify everything, with E71, try not to see big differences and marks between colours.

And to finish I use Blender 0, I add some points of light to this curly hair. I also like this texture that is created with Blender.

And for today this is it, I hope you liked this simple tutorial on how to colour curly hair.

This is my finished stamp on a card, I have used the following Copic colours:
Skin: E13, E11, E21.
Eyes: YG95, G43.
Hair: E70, E71, W7, E74, Blender 0.
Shoes: C3, C5.
Rose and Dress: RV91, RV93, RV95.
White: W3, W1, Blender 0.

See you soon, thanks for your visits and comments, hugs!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New baby in town - Vicente!

Hello everyone, it's Sandra from Portugal!

So this is happening: I am going to be an auntie, again! J
Vicente will arrive in less than a month and I prepared this postcard as a welcome gift for him and his parents, using a digi from Little Miss Muffet – "baby sent from above".

Because I am remodelling my craft room (again, it’s a never ending story), I couldn’t find any paper that would match the image nicely, so I decided to create a cloudy blackround using Copic Various Ink BG70. It’s really fun and easy to do.

First, I printed the digi on some masking paper from Inkadinkadoo and fussy cut the star and the basket with the baby and teddy. I placed those items over the card’s image to protect it. Then I die cut some clouds using  Kaisercraft’s “Decorative Clouds” die, but you can cut and create your own clouds! 

I then placed some BG70 ink on a craft mat, grabbed it with a makeup sponge and daubed it around a cloud over the card. I repeated along the card using differente sized clouds and different placements. This is the finished background:

This card was really quick to do. I coloured the big star with Y02/04/06/08:

To colour the basket, I used E31/33 and 35.
It’s difficult to properly shade the basket without colouring the stars’ strings as well. No worries, I just coloured it and then I used the “magic” colourless blender to push some ink away and prepare it to be coloured in a different colour. I forgot to take the photo before I started colouring the strings, sorry.

I then coloured the strings with E81/84/87. And the stars using Y02/04/06/08 again.

I added the string's cast shadows with E35, after mapping them with E33:

Vicente is a portuguese boy’s name, my sister-in-law is welcoming a boy so I decided to colour the teddy in blue tones: B41/45. And I coloured the baby’s pyjamas and teddy’s bow in G09/12/14.

For the baby’s skin I chose peachy colours: YR000/01, E01 and E93 (cheeks).

I trimmed the card and framed it using a patterned paper from DCWV’s Nana’s Nursery collection, and some blue cardstock from Bazzill.

Well it looks pretty flat, doesn’t it? Wait, there is still one thing missing: a layered big star to add some dimension to the card. I printed one more image, coloured and fussy cut the star then glued it to the card using foam squares. 

It looks better now, don’t you agree?

Here is a list of all the Copic material used:

Sky: BG70 Various Ink
Stars: Y02/04/06/08
Pajamas: G09/12/14
Teddy: B41/45
Basket: E31/33 and 35
Basket rings: T1/3/5
Strings: E81/84/87
Skin: YR000/01, E01 and E93 (cheeks)



Friday, April 21, 2017

See the flowers smiling...

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a flowery scene :) I created my scene using two Make it Crafty images called, Evelyn and Rose Garden, which I combined in Word. I started by colouring the sky.

As you can see, I decided to add grass, a tree and bushes to fill the background a little. For the sky, I used BG000, BV20, C0, 1 and for the greenery B39, YG01, 03, 17, 67, T5 and T9. Next I coloured the rose bushes to finish the background, and then the skin of my character, as you can see in the next picture.

The rose bushes are G21, 24, 28, YG01, the roses and leaves are BG75, 78, T5, R35, 37, 39. I coloured the ground using E50, 51, 53 and the stones are E18, 04, 07.
For Evelyn's skin, I used E0000, 000, 00, 11, 13 - R20 for the lips and B45 for the eyes. Next step, the rest of my character:

I coloured the dress first and finished with the hair - saving the darkest part for the end to avoid dragging colour into light areas. The apron is C0, 1, 3 and the blue is B02, 04, 16, 18, 39. And I gave her black hair - I really like colouring black hair - with 100, C7, 9 and BV04 for the highlights. 
To finish off the card, I simply added a Hero Arts sentiment.

Thank you very much for your visit, have a lovely day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


There are a lot of grayscale colouring books available. You can compair this to an oilpainting technique called "grisaille", which is a term for a painting executed entirely in shades of grey or an another neutral colour. It's often used as an underpainting for the original coloured oilpainting. 

I used this lovely digital drawing by Alena Lazareva. I made the print lighter than the bought version , in word you can find this option in colour correction. 

Add a layer of E50 first.

Add BV00 and BV000 for some extra shading. This may look a bit much now, but after adding more layers of E colours you will see that the BV will blend in smoothly. 

Add some more E00 and W1 for more depth and warmth. Blend them all together with the E000 and E0000. 

Than I hopped over to the leaves. I used the YG 06,17,25 and 67. I started with the lightest colour, the YG06 first, than the darkest YG 67 and blend them all together with the middle tone green, the YG17. In the end I thought the leaves look to blue-ish green so I added some YG25, which is more yellow. 

Now I go back to the hair. Start using the darkest colour first, the V09. Than use the  V06, 05 and 04. 
Use these colours for the roses as well. 

The hair doesn't look nice this way. So use the V0000 now and blend all layers together. 

After using the V0000 the hair looks much nicer and all the colours are blended together. 

Now back to the dress.
 I used the V01 for tracing the pattern on the dress. Use BV00, 000 and W5 and 3 for defining the shades a bit more. 

Use E34, 35, 37 and 39 for the ropes and trunk. I used E34, 35 and 37 for the ropes. E35,37 and 39 for the trunk.

Now I am ready for the next steps. Copic work is done, time to make a background. 

After cutting out my image and glue-ing it to my page I decided to add some coloured pencils for more shades and making the eyes look better. 

And this how the finished page looks. I found the quote on the internet.

see you again in May


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Angelina and her crazy hair!

Hello everybody Copic Lovers!

Franz here today with a brand new CAS card that I made for my dear collegue Cristina, who turned a new year a few days ago....

Cristina has lot of problems with her hair in the morning and she never likes it when she arrives at work!

So, I thought that the lovely Angelina from Mo Manning with her balloons and her crazy hairstyle was just perfect for her birthday!

I coloured her funny hair with one of my favourite colour combos: E21, E25, E29; I started with the darkest one using the dark to light technique, I left some little white areas that I coloured up at the end with the lightest marker: E21.

Since Angelina is a little girl, I coloured her skin in quite light tones using my usual skin colour combo: E0000, E000, E00, E11 and R20 for cheeks, but I've been light with the darkest marker E11, so as not to weigh her lovely face down.

For her dress I have chosen one of my favourite colour combos ever: the red one! I used: R000, R20, R27, R35, R37 and R59...lot of markers for a so little space, right?!! Well, I wanted to give lot of contrast and depth to the dress :)

If you want to achieve this result, you have to be careful and start with R27 or R37, not with the darkest marker, blend with the lightest ones and then start again (and again!) with R59 with very little touches to add depth and blend again with the other colours.

You have to do this several times as long as you're not satisfied with the result and you have to be very light handed every time!

I hope that my tips could be useful :)
Have a lovely day everyone!
Lots of hugs,


Copic Markers:
Skin: E0000 E000 E00 E11 - R20 for cheecks
Hair: E21 E25 E29
Outfit - Red: R000 R20 R27 R29 R35 R37 R59
Outfit - White: W1, W3, W5.