Thursday, December 28, 2023

Winter Gnome

I hope you had a nice Christmas.
Maybe Santa brought you some Copic markers?

I love when I stumble upon some stamps that I haven´t seen before. I found a set of four gnomes on Facebook and I fell in love at once. My first impression was that they were spring or summer images.
But I wanted them on my Christmas cards and I want to show how I made a winter scene from one of the images.

First I made a summer scene.
Skin: E000 - E11 - R02 - E50
Hair: Y32 - E31 - E35
Clothes: R81 - R83 - R85 - R89, B000, E70 - E71
Fly agaric: R05 - R08 - R46 - R89, E41 - E42 - E43
Bird: R24 - C1 - C3 - C5 - Y17
Water: BG70 - BG72 - BG11 - B0000
Greenery: YG11 - YG25 - YG17 - YG61, G43 - G24 - YG67
Tree trunks: E42 - E43, E25 - E59 - E49
Rocks: T0 - T1 - T3 - T5
Sky: B0000 - B00

As you can see she is holding a dandelion. But I masked it so she just holds the stem.

Sketched in my  scene with C0.

Moon and sparkler: Y00
Sky: B91 - B93
Birches: E40

Moon: E70
Sky: B95 - B97
Birches: C1 - C3 - C5
Snow: B41 - B45 - B0000

Skin: E000  - BV20 - E11 - R02 - Y00
Top hat and skirt: R35 - R37 - R89
Vest: YG61 - YG7
Apron: C3 - C0
Hair: E08 - E19 - E29
Fly agaric: R05 - R08 - R46 - T5,  C2 - C0, E40 - E41 - E42 - E44
Bird: C1 - C2 - C3, R35, Y17, Y00

So I imagine her laying there on the fly agaric on new years eve, celebrating with a sparkler.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

I wish you all

Friday, December 22, 2023

Happy Holidays !!

 Hello COPIC lovers!!

Cicci here posting from Sweden. This time of the year I always make one of Mo manings wonderful elfs. So sweet digi!! 

Step 1 

Start with E04 and blend with E000

Step 2
Add E13

Step 3 
Blend with Y21 and E51 

Step 4 
Add E15 

Step 5
Add E29 E13 and blend with 

over with all COPIC again and blend a lot 

Step 5 
Add YG03 at the ornament 

Step 6 
Add YG17 and G29
Go over with this markers a few times and blend a lot!!

Lots of SMILES and HUGS  

if you want to check the oldies I have made in other colors you can click on the link below:
Green 2019
Blue 2018
Red 2017

Thank you for visit us here at COPIC Europe blog !!

Monday, December 18, 2023

Walking on a winter wonderland

 Hello Copic fans, Rosi here! I'm here today with a sweet image from LOTV stamps. 

I didn't used many colours this time.

For the bear i used W2 and W3

For the penguin I used W2,W3,W5,W7,W9


The penguin hat is coloured wit BV 00,01,04

The scarf is coloured with BG10 and BG 13,the pattern is made with BV01 and BV 04.

Snow shades are with BG000

That's all from me for today.
Have a very Merry Christmas .
See you next year!

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Christmas is Coming

Hello everyone
Also this year for the month of December I created a post that represent Christmas.


Drawing with Copic multi-liner

R000, RV93, RV52 and E02 for the complexion

E41, E43 and BG11 for the hair

R35, R59, YG01, YG23 and YG67 for the plant in your hair


Y000, Y02, Y17 and Y28 for the stars.
Y000, YG01 and Y28 for the eyes. C0 for the shadow in the eyes

For the scarf : Y000, Y17, YG23, E41 and E43

YG01, YG23 and YG67 for the sweater

After using a white gel pen, this is the final result
Thanks for watching and merry Christmas to everyone

Bye bye

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Gnome for Christmas

Helen here today!

When I see this little gnome uncoloured, I see an Irish one, with green clothes, read hair and beard.
But I wanted him to fit in to my colour preferences so I made other choices for my colouring.

Moon: Y000 - BV0000 - Y0000 - BV000
Path: B0000

Sky: B91 - B93 - B95 - B97

Pine trees: BG75 - BG09 - BG96 - BG99 - G29 - T7
Snow: B52 - B45 - B41

Skin: E000 - BV20 - E11 - R02
Hair and beard: W1 - W00
Top hat, vest and shoes: R35 - R37 - R89, C3 - C0
Pants: C3 - C5 - C7
Sack: E31 - E35 - E37
Leaves: G24 - YG67
Bell: Y21 - Y26
Snail: E70 - E74, YG91 - YG93
Pitchfork: C3 - E70 - E71 - E74

I didn´t make a blizzard because the moon is up and you can see the stars.

Wish you a bright colourful day!