Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mummu Dance

Hi there!

Helen here again, and guess what!
I will show you yet another Mo Manning image today.

The stamp is called Mummu Dance and you can get it as a digistamp here.
I have it as a clear stamp so I´ve stamped the image on Perfect Colouring Paper,
used Memento Ink pad.

Sketched in my background with C0.

I needed her to come alive! 

Skin: E000 - BV20 - E11 - E50
Birch: C1 - E41 - C3

Sometimes I just loose myself in my colouring and forget to take photos.
I´m working on the background first.
If something is going wrong here, I haven´t spent the time colouring the stamped image.

Sky:YR000 - B000 - B91 - BV0000
Trees: Y21 - YR21 - YR23 - YR24 - R05 - YG21 - BV20 - YG91 - YG93 - YG95 - YG63
Grass: YG91

Added more trees on her left side, some green in that area, YG61 - YG63.
Got some leaves on the birch, and added darker grays to it, C5 - C7.

Road: E81 - E31 - E33 - E35 - E37

Hair: C1 - C3 -C5
Cardigan: RV91 -RV93 - RV95 - RV99

Grass: YG97 - YG99.

Dance out in the autumn until next time.
I can almost promise that I will not use Mo Manning for my next post.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Cicci Colors Hair

Hi COPIC lovers!

Cicci here posting!! Today its all about hair! 

Step I 

I drew a face  

Step 2 
I erase the lines from my pencil
And made some underpanting with C3 

Step 3 
I continue with the face and added E50

Step 4
I used a COPIC multi liner black 0,3 for the eyes 

Step 5 
For the hair E15 

Step 6 
E18 and blend with E50

Step 7
I added E59

Step 8
I blend all over with E11 
(Sorry my friends no photo for that) 
Then a made some highlights with a white gel-pencil 

Step 9
Lips FRV1 
And added some red as well R27

Step 10
I added some red in the hair at the end R27 and blend with E04 

For the skin I used 
E50 E53 E04 E11 E13 E15 
I have blend with R00 and E50 
Also blend the hair with E04 

Background colors 
YG000 E50 E53 

BG00 BG10 BG09 

Happy coloring 
welcome to visit us anytime!!

Lots of HUGS and SMILES 

Monday, September 18, 2023

Wee Fairy

Hello Dear Copic fans, Rosi here! I'm here today with a sweet little fairy .
This image is from Wee stamps. I own it for a loooong time but I have never colored it.

My skin color combo is E0000, E000, E00, E11, E21 . I always start with E0000 all over the skin.
I go over my E11 with E21 in order to darken my shadows. I do the same twice.

I colored the roses and her dress with my favorite pink combo
R81, 83, 85, 89.

I didn't wanted to do the dress so dark that's why I skipped the R89 there.

The leaves and her wings are colored with G000,00,02,03,05.

Her hair is colored with E30, 33, 35

Isn't she adorable?
So that's all from me for today.

Thursday, September 14, 2023


 Hello everyone!

For the month of September I used shades of yellow and green in particular.


Drawing with Copic multiliner 

YR0000 and YR00 for the complexion 

YR0000,YG91 and YG63 for the hair 

For sunflowers: Y000,Y02,YR31,E33 and Y17

YG01,G99,G21,YG91 and YG63 for the leaves and stems of sunflowers 

To complete the sunflowers: E49, E15, E35, E33 and E11

YR00 for the mouth. Y02, E35 and E71 for the eyes. C1 for the shadow in the eyes.

For shoes: C1,Y000,Y02, YR31 and YG91 

For the band:Y000,Y02 and YR31. 
For the dress: C1 and Y000

B000 for the background 

After using a white gel pen this is the final result 

Thanks for reading 
Bye bye