Sunday, April 26, 2020

Flowers are like Friends

Hello lovely Copic friends, for today's post I used a cute image by Sybile Art. 

I always start with the skin tones. My first layer is the E50. 

For shading I use the BV00.

Add E00 on the BV00. This way you create a warm skintone. 
Blend all layers together with E000.

When colouring the hair I always start with the darkest colour , this is the E09.

Blend with the YR09.

My lightest haircolour is the YR04. While blending your darker colours could end up a little paler than you want, in that case I always  add the darker colours again.

Use the B06 as your darkest colour.

Add the B04 next. 

And blend all layers together with the B02. 

I have chosen a purple- pinky colour, I start wtih the RV63.

Use as a shadowcolour the RV69. 

Blend all layers together with the RV63.

For the flower heart I use the YR14  and the Y15. 

Blend with the Y17.
Because her face looked a little pale I added some extra R21 and RV63. 

Now it's time to colour the leaves and I start with the YG11. 

I use YG11 and B00 for the wings.

Add the YG17 and the YG13 to the leaves. 

Blend all layers together with YG11.

I also add some Y13 to the leaves. 

Cut out your image and glue to a nice background, I had this one in my stash. 

See you all next month

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cicci Coloring some Water and Sky

Hi Copic Lovers
Cicci here today posting.
I hope everyone is okay out there! 

On my tutorial today I have used these copic markers:
BV29 25 23 20
B00 B000
B99 95 93 
BG05 02
and a white gel pen for some highlights

Step one 
Draw the horizon line with B00

Step 2
Take a coffee cup or something with a circle form and color around it and you have a moon ! :0)

Use B99 and for the other side
 I have used B93

Step 3

 Step 4
Color with that 2 markers B99 and B93 around the moon

 Step 5
 Color With a Light Blue in the moon.
 I have used B0000

 Step 6 
Use B00 in the edge of the moon

Step 7
 In the corner over B99 I have color with BV25

 Step 8
Take a darker one and fill in the corner with dark colors BV29

Step 9
Blend with BV25

Step 10
Color a few lines in the moon BV23 and C3 Blend with C1 
I have not done the blending in this photo, you see that in a few steps

 Step 11 
Start to make some clouds  with BV29 25 23

Step 12
Blend with B00 and fill some of the sky with B00

 Step 1
Use C1 for making some details in the moon and blend the clouds with C1 too

 Step 14
Use C3 between the clouds for a darker result

 Step 15
I  go over the clouds with C3 and blend a lot C3

Step 16
Blend the clouds more with C1 

 Step 17
Continue to Color with C1 for some of the sky

Step 18
Add and blend with C1

Step 19 
Add BV25 for the water

Step 20
Add BV29 over BV25  for the water

Step 22
Add B00  in the water 

Step 23
Add B99 over BV29 BV25

Step 24
Add and blend with B95

Step 25
Add BG05 in the water and little in the sky Blend in the water wwith BG05

Step 26
Blend with BG02

Step 27
Add and blend with BG02 for the sky. I also add more dark blue in the corner of the 
water and blend it with a darker blue B99 and blend with B95 B93.
Add more of BG05 and blend it with B00

Step 28
go over all the clouds with BV25 blend  again with BV23 B00
And also add some of B000 in the edge of the moon and all over the clouds

Step 29
In the end I use a white gele pen for make some waves in the water

At the  end of the coloring I Blend the clouds with C3 and 1 and B00 and added some highlights with a posca pen

Have a great day everyone and stay safe
Hugs and Smiles from us here at Copic Europe Blog