Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Fairy in Sunset

Hi ladies.

It´s time for me, Helen, to try to inspire you today.

I have used Fairy from Mo manning, and you can get her as a clear stamp here.
I´ve stamped the image with Memento Ink on Perfect Coloring Paper, which I love. It´s thick, 250g/m2 and are able to carry much ink

Sometimes I get carried away while coloring so now I realize I didn´t got the skin on photo.
But right now I´ve used E000-E50-E21-E11-R02-E04.

The first shade of green is G12.

Next steps are G16-G02 for her dress.

Moving on to her shawl.
The first shade is V01.

V17 is my shadow and V06 my mid-tone.
Some Y02 for her star in her wand.
The hair got E07-E19-YR09.

Time for the background.
And I found such lovely sunset that I wanted for this scene.
I start with pale colors to make the blending a little smoother.
I put C3 in the bottom, blending over to Y21 in the middle and blending over to V91.

I know I will put down many layers of colors so I´m not stressed out by making the coloring even.
And if you take a look at the sky you can see it´s not even in real life either.
So instead of thinking: I can´t get my coloring smooth, look around you and you´ll discover that nature are forgiving. Embrace that and give it a try .

I used V95 because I feel like I can blend the duller color easier.
So it´s just there for the transition from orange to purple.
I wanted a brighter purple so I started to blend in V01 with V95 and Y21.
And at the  top I blended V06 and V01.

Started by defining my horizon line. using YR04.

I don´t use my darkest color first, instead I´m working my way through the shades
so I can stop when it´s darken enough for me.
So from the horizon I use YR14 and blend it over to Y21. Leaving some space for the sun.

Darken it up a little more using YR09 nearest the horizon line and the clouds got some E07.

Blending the yellow, Y21, into the water with C3 for a smoother transition.
Darken the water with C5 and made some ripple on the water with C6.
I didn´t like the result of that part.
Sketch in some land and islands with C7.

I wanted her wings to be transparent, so I went in with the colors I used for the hair
and then I bleached it with my colorless blender, 00.

And I wanted to highlight her wand, so I made some circles round it with the colorless blender as well.

With the sky as I wanted it her dress came out a little pale.
So I had to darken it up with G16-G29.

For the shawl I just put in more of V17-V06.

For her skin I went in with BV20 to give it some shades.

Some sparkle from her wand made with a Gelly Roller, Dark White.

And here it is, finished.
I found a perfect sentence from My Favorite Things for my image/card.

Hope you loved it.
And we all want to see your skies and sunsets coloring at our Facebook community.
Have a nice day!



Thursday, September 22, 2022

Fantasy forest by Cicci

Cicci Hi COPIC lovers !

Cicci here posting, today a fantasy forest!

Step 1

Draw a sketch 

Step 2 
      Add C7 and blend with C1 and C3 

Step 3 
Add T4

Step 4 
Add lots of T7

Step 5
Blend with T3 

Step 6
Add BG07 

Step 7
Add BG18 and T7 
also BV00 and little Y02

Step 8
Start to blend with B01 and Y02 

Step 9
Here I add BV34 and blend with B00
I also made dots with the COPICs I have used.

Step 10
Add BV31


At the end I added a lot of dots 
And for highlights I have used a white gelĂ© pen 
Have a wonderful Day everyone and welcome back whenever you like !!
Lots of HUGS and Smiles 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Baby Boy

Hello Copic lovers!

Rosi here! Today is my turn to get you inspired with my Copic markers coloring!

Today I am sharing with you a colored stamp by Lily of the valley. It's called Clouds

My skin color combo is E0000, E000, E00, E11, E21. I always start with E0000 all over the skin.

I go over my E11 with E21 in order to darken my shadows .







For the basket I used E31, E33, E35

I used the same colors for the bears.
Starting with E31.



Blending with E33



Birdies and rabbits are colored with W0, W1, W2
Cheeks and ears with YR00

For the clouds i used unusual combo B21, BG70, C1 and colorless blender.

And voilĂ .
We are ready.

That's all from me today. See you soon.

I would love to see you following me on my Instagram and Facebook.
Bye bye!