Thursday, April 28, 2022

Bokeh Effect

Hi, Helen here hoping you all are in a good mood today.

I thought I´d show you some bokeh effects today.
Bokeh is what you get with your camera when you focus on an object in front of you and light sources in the background will end up just as dots.

It has a dreamy feeling to it.

I chose light colours for this, I wanted the dreamy, romantic feeling.
Soo just scribbling in some areas with my colours, B0000-RV0000-Y0000, letting they overlap each other to blend.

And this time I wanted to not color my whole background so the colour fades out, used flick marks.

With my colourless blender I made circles in different sizes in the background. I took a drop of the colourless ink on the nib to be sure the nib was really wet. And I worked all circles, to blend the colour beneath, moving the pigment to the edges of the circles.

I also wanted some bokeh effect to be coloured, as if the light sources was coloured.
Used the same colours as for my background, but putting them in another colours area.

Letting the backgroud dry.

Starting with the skin tone, E000, my lightest for the whole areas.

Got on with my darkest skin tone, E21. And I wanted the girl to be dark in the face pointing towards me, and light where the light from the background hits her face.

Softend E21 out with E50 and coloured in some cheeks with R11.

Now to her dress. I wanted it to be crisp white but yet dark towards me.
Started with a pale blue, B0000, to get the crispness of the white.

In the folds I used C1.

Blending C1 with C00 and B0000.

And got over the colour edges with some colourless blender to softened it out to the white parts.
And made more bokeh dots in the background.

The dress under got C3 on it, leaving the edges white as if they where hit by the light.

Her little tag got a first layer of E40.

The next layers was with E44-E42.

Got on with my bokeh dots and now coloured ones.

More bokeh dots, and in different sizes.

I layered some of the dots on top of each other to blend, Don't forget to have some dots going behind the object.

I wanted her wings to be sheer so first I got in with my background colours, RV0000-B0000.

On top of that I just coloured some BG70-BG72 on the edges.

Her present got a coat of R81-R85-R83.
Her socks got R81-R85, C0-C3.

And a shadow casting toward me as the light is coming from the background. Used C00-C1-C3, and the shadow is darker as closer it is to her.

As I tend to do, I coloured another one. I started with this but messed up my background by dropping the colourless blender right on to the paper. The bokeh dot got little to big for me and as you can see a dark ring around. But I liked it aswell...

Here is the dress just coloured in grey tones and the crispness is lost, it´s just dark or a grey dress.
For the face and skin I used B20 for shadows, so she got more dark and I liked that. I also used darker tints for the shadow casting from her to fit the darker dress and face.

If you use darker colours in your background the bokeh effect will be easier to make and see, using colourless blender or light colours for the bokeh dots.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Wild Strawberries

Hi Copic friends

Cicci here today posting a tutorial how to color Wild strawberries.

COPIC combo
R14 R24 R35YG90 YG93 YG63 G20 G24
Sakura White Gel pen 
Posca pen
COPIC multiliner 0,1 Brown

Step 1
First I did a simple sketch

Step 2
Add YR04

Step 3
Add R14

Step 4
Add R29

Step 5

Step 6
Here I blend with YR04 and added R29 again
After that I added a few dots with a COPIC fineliner

At the end I added some highlights with a white gel pen

Have a great Day everyone 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Rose Fairy

Hello Copic lovers!

Today is my turn to get you inspired by using Copic markers!

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Today I am sharing my colouring of the lovely Rose fairy by Hanna Lynn. I cannot share a link here because this image was available for Patreons only.


 My skin color combo is E0000, E000, E00, E11, E21 and R20 for the cheeks. I always start with E0000 all over the skin.Then I mark my shadows with E11.

I go over my E11 with E21 in order to darken my shadows . Cheeks I color with R20.

At last I go all over the skin with E00 and E000.

My skin is ready. Sometimes I'm not satisfied with the shadows and I repeat the steps again. I always do this twice.

I colored her lovely eyes with G21 and G94.

Today I wanted to show a dark blond hair. I used only two colours E33 and E35. I'm starting with the lightest color E33 making long strokes.

My E33 is followed by E35 also with strokes

I always twice.

For the greenery i used G21 and G94. Marking the shadows with G94,and blending with the lightest G 21.

Her dress and the roses are coloured with my favorite pink color combo R81, R83, R85, R89.

The background of the image is coloured with C2 and B00.

At the end my finished project.

That's all for friends. Hope you were inspired!

See you soon and happy happy crafting!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Welcome back! The anime girl I prepared for the April blog, is inspired by Easter.

I leave you to the tutorial.

Drawing with Copic Multiliner.

R000 for the base of the complexion.

V91 and R20 to complete the complexion.

For the eyes BG15,Y02 and BG09.
C-1for shade.

E00 and E93 to complete the mouth.

E70 for the base of the hair and to complete the eyelashes.

E71,W-7 and BG15 to complete hair.

For the dress Y000, Y02; C-1, C-3, C-5 and BG15.

For the headband with rabbit ears Y02,E71,R000 and E70.

BG09 for oval andY02 and BG15 for leaves.

Those light points with a white gel pen.

This is the end result.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time