Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hello : a geometric patchwork card

Hello Copic fans,

Today I will show you the making of my geometric patchwork card.
I have chosen some bright colours as it is Summer!

I have cut a sheet of Perfect Coloring paper in half.
I have just used my "special ruler" you can choose the angle you wish,
and I have started to draw lines with my cool grey SP Multiliner.

After having drawn different triangles I have started colouring with my Copic Markers,
first colour : Yellow (as the sun) 

Second colour chosen : green (as the green grass in the mountains)

A close up :

Third colour chosen: Blue green (as a fresh sea!)

After having coloured these three groups of triangles,
 I have used some SP Mmultiliners. 
I have drawn coloured lines on top of the original grey lines. 

Now I had to choose what to do with the design,
I thought it might be nice to make a card.

So I cut up the coloured block of triangles,
added some black lines on the edges with the chisel side of a 110 (black) Copic Marker.

Now I have played around with the different pieces.
I have added some doodles too with the same coloured SP Multiliners.
Some dots, some checks, some hearts and crosses.

Also a little lettering , I have cut a piece of PCP which I have coloured Yellow,
and with a black SP Multiliner I have added a simple "hello" text.

I was missing something on this card
 so I have decided to add two pieces of pierced paper too,
in some shocking pink! (RV25).

If you wonder why I have chosen pink? 
Perhaps I was inspired by some pink flamingos!

Hello Summer ! 

This is the final result, I hope this geometric patchwork card 
might inspire you to do something like this too.
It is again a little piece of anti-stress Copic colouring :) .

Thanks for visiting, please find all Copic used below.


Y000, Y00, Y02, Y06, Y08
YG03, YG06, YG07, YG09, YG23, YG25
BG0000, BG000, BG02, BG05, BG07, BG09

SP Multiliner 0.3 cool grey
SP Multiliner 0.3 yellow
SP Multiliner 0.3 sky blue
SP Multiliner 0.3 olive
SP Multiliner 0.3 black 

Hugs, Blankina


Sandra H said...

This is gorgeous l like the colours and the layout truly is stunning x

World of Animals, Inc said...

I love the geometric shapes and colors that you used for this card. I love the how the shapes and colors flows into each other. Thanks for the share, have a nice rest of your day.
World of Animals