Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tulip with Copic's on stonepaper by guestdesigner Juanita Tschumi

Hello everybody

Today I will show you how I made this tulip
with Copic's on stonepaper.
 This paper is absolutly great to work with!

It's a thin paper and usable on both sides.
The paper weight is 144 GSM 
and it has micro-perforated pages so that you can tear it out of the book.
The Copic stay's longer wet on the paper, so you can do more things with it.

This is the stonepaper I have used, 
it's from Transotype,
a brand of Holtz Office Support GmbH in Germany.

I have made a film for you, spoken in englisch and with some music.
Sorry for my englisch, it isn't very good.

I have used Copic's, alcohol and a drinking straw.

I hope you liked my film and see you next time.

Hugs Juanita

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