Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cicci Colouring a background in circles with some bubbles

Hi Friends,
Cicci here posting for Copic Europa.
I was thinking that I'm going to show you how I make a background in lots of circles with some bubbles.

I have used these Copic Markers:
Hair: RV99 69  95 R14 39 56 E04 02 
Clothes: RV52 55 Y02 E02 Y26 28 02 21 YR02 RV69
Skin: E50 51 53 04 15 11 RV52 R14
Eyes: Y21 26 28 E47 49 E23 Y02
White Posca Pen for Dots and White Details
 For the bubbles I have used Various Ink and Copic Cleaner

Step 1
Start with RV95 and colour in half circles. When you make these circles it's important that you make them fast, it looks much better.
It's not so much about blending at this stage, just add colours that you like 
In the middle I add V93
Continue with RV95 
Add RV34 over the darker colours  
Now I blend a little all over the dark colours with R14
Not in the area RV95 V93
I want that part light
 Add YR27  
 The darkest colour I use here is RV99
I want the same colour in the background as I used for her Hair
 Add more light colours in the area near the girl
 On the other side of the girl I have added Y21
 Making some bubbles
 Take some Various ink on your cotton buds and push them to the paper so you get little circles.
Don't take too much Various ink because if you do you'll end up with a very big circle. It's better to repeat many times instead so you have control over how big you want the bubble
You can see here how I have added the Various Ink 
Next step is to fill the bubbles with colours 
Here I added some RV52 in the bubble
then RV55 and blend with RV52 
I also added some Yellow and E02
 Here are the Markers I have used inside the bubbles
You can use other yellows, pinks and orange if you dont have this

 At the end I add some white dots with a Posca pen

Have a wonderful day from the Copic Europa Girls!!
Welcome again and feel free to visit anytime :)



Sandra H said...

Totally stunning x

Cicci said...

Thank you Sandra !!! Happy you like it HUGS Cicci

MiaPuh said...

Thanks a lot for this tut. I have wonder how you create your backgrounds they are stunning
Hugs M

Cicci said...

Awww So sweet of you Mia !!! Happy you visit and Hope to see you Again HUGS 😄