Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Praying Mantis Sprite

Hi Everyone, it's Saskia here.

 Today I want to show you that you can apply the techniques for making background also on your image. Normally, you colour your skin and hair of the picture and then the clothing and such. But this technique uses a slightly different order. First colour the part of the clothing that you want to edit with some texture. This texture can be applied with different kinds of material, such as a piece of fabric or in this case a piece of natural sponge.
I will explain to you in easy steps how I did it.
First  you colour your clothes where you want some texture in it.

Then moisturize your natural sponge with a little bit of Copic Activator.

 Then gently dab the damp sponge on to your color work.

TIP: Don't leave the sponge too long on the image, because then your Copic colours will fade too much.


When the Activator has dried, it may for example look like this.

The digital image that I used this time is called "Praying Mantis Sprite" from Aurora Wings.

 I have used these Copic Markers:
Mantis head: G07- G09 - G14 -YG05 and Copic Activator
Skin: E0000 - E000 - E04 - E11
Hair: E53- E55 - E59
Eyes: YG0000 - YG00 - YG01

Trousers: G07- G09 - G14 -YG05 and Copic Activator
Green mantis skin: G99 - YG07 - YG95
Mantis wings: E07 - E09 - R22 - R24 - YG91 - YG93 - YG95  
Tail: G09 - G14 -YG05 and G99 - YG07 - YG95
Shoes: G99 - YG07 - YG95
Shadow on the floor: W0 - W1 - W3

 I hope you have read this post with pleasure.
Until next time,


creacora said...

Het ziet er mooi uit Saskia maar wat is nou het nut van dit spul blend het of verdiept het de kleur? Groetjes Cora

Vigdis said...

Het ziet er prachtig uit Saskia maar is het dan een soort van gesso clear achtige substantie?