Tuesday, April 18, 2017


There are a lot of grayscale colouring books available. You can compair this to an oilpainting technique called "grisaille", which is a term for a painting executed entirely in shades of grey or an another neutral colour. It's often used as an underpainting for the original coloured oilpainting. 

I used this lovely digital drawing by Alena Lazareva. I made the print lighter than the bought version , in word you can find this option in colour correction. 

Add a layer of E50 first.

Add BV00 and BV000 for some extra shading. This may look a bit much now, but after adding more layers of E colours you will see that the BV will blend in smoothly. 

Add some more E00 and W1 for more depth and warmth. Blend them all together with the E000 and E0000. 

Than I hopped over to the leaves. I used the YG 06,17,25 and 67. I started with the lightest colour, the YG06 first, than the darkest YG 67 and blend them all together with the middle tone green, the YG17. In the end I thought the leaves look to blue-ish green so I added some YG25, which is more yellow. 

Now I go back to the hair. Start using the darkest colour first, the V09. Than use the  V06, 05 and 04. 
Use these colours for the roses as well. 

The hair doesn't look nice this way. So use the V0000 now and blend all layers together. 

After using the V0000 the hair looks much nicer and all the colours are blended together. 

Now back to the dress.
 I used the V01 for tracing the pattern on the dress. Use BV00, 000 and W5 and 3 for defining the shades a bit more. 

Use E34, 35, 37 and 39 for the ropes and trunk. I used E34, 35 and 37 for the ropes. E35,37 and 39 for the trunk.

Now I am ready for the next steps. Copic work is done, time to make a background. 

After cutting out my image and glue-ing it to my page I decided to add some coloured pencils for more shades and making the eyes look better. 

And this how the finished page looks. I found the quote on the internet.

see you again in May


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CaroleAnn said...

Absolutely stunning!!! Love it!! thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us!! Hugs and blessings