Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hooray it's your birthday !

Hello Copic lovers,

Today I will show you a step by step post from my hand lettering design.
As in april I have lot's of birthdays I thought it was nice to make something 
with the birthday theme.

1. I always start with a white normal sheet ( photocopying paper ) of paper and a pencil,
then I start drawing a text with different types of letters.
Underneath I always lay a sheet with squares and lines to make sure my text will be straight.

2. When I am pleased with it I start to pass the text with a Copic Multiliner 
and for the bigger letters a black sketch ( 100 ) 

3. Now I scan the design, I print it onto Perfect Colouring Paper in A4 format and 
I also print it out smaller ( 4 texts on 1 A4),
 if you want you can also lay the print underneath a bleedproof Copic paper
..then you can colour straight with the Copic ( see orange sample below ).

4. With a MFT die I have cut one of the smaller designs, 
I lay it on another die cutted sheet of PCP, and start to use my butterfly stamp.

5. Now I start to colour a part of the butterfly with BG0000

6. Later a part of the butterfly with BV0000

7. I add some more colour onto the wings with BG45

8. I add some BG49 which I blend with the BG45

9. On the part which was coloured with the BV0000 I add some BV34

10. Now I blend the BV34 with some BV31

11. Now it is the turn to colour the letters, 
the word birthday is passed with some BG45 and BG49
The word in the third YOUR is coloured with BV0000 and BG0000. 
Shadows are done with BV31 and BG45.
I also add some turquoise Copic Multiliners stripes onto the word YOUR.

12. I add some dots with a Lavender Copic Multiliner onto the word YOUR.

This is the card version using a printed smaller version of the design.

As I told you earlier you can also put the original design in a plastic sheet 
and put a bleedproof Copic Paper on top, 
you can see the original design through this thin Copic paper. 
In this way you can use your coloured Copic 
directly onto the paper without having black lines.

Of course if you practice hand lettering a lot 
you can directly write onto the paper
 without having any guidelines underneath.
But as a starter it is safer to do it the way I have showed it.

First I have used a YR12

Shadows are done with a YR18

Doodle accents are drawn with a Copic black Multiliner onto the orange text.

As you can see many possibilities with one text!
The original black version is saved onto my computer 
and I am sure I will use it again in the future.

Copic used :

BG0000, BG45, BG49
BV0000, BV31, BV34
Copic Multiliner SP turquoise 0.3
Copic Multiliner SP black 0.3
Copic Multiliner lavender 0.1

Other products used :
diamond gems blues from Marianne Design
white gel pen
Die-namics MFT double stitched rectangles stax
Die-namics MFT blueprint 21
butterfly stamp Kaisercraft Botanical Odyssey

Hooray it's your birthday!
Dedicated to all my friends and family and readers of this blog 
who will celebrate their birthdays this month.
Hope that my post can be an inspiration, 
thanks for visiting!

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