Friday, April 7, 2017


Hello Copic lovers

Here is Juanita again from Switzerland.

Sometimes I don't know what to draw, then I take a look on Pinterest
and then I get my inspiration.
This time I saw a squirrel and then I searched for trees. 
This is what came out!

 First I started with E40 and coloured the whole head.
Then I took E97 and started flicking in the direction from the fur.

Then  I go in with E31 and do the brighter parts.

 Then with E07 the darker parts.

With E79 I did  the eyes, the dark shadow parts and  a little bit of fur.

I used R01 for the paws, the ear, around the eye and nose.

Then I flicked in small strokes,
everywhere I thought needed some more colour.

 The acorn is coloured with  E13 - E15 - E19 - E27
The eye with E79 - W10 - B91

I started the tree with W1, 
just do it like you feel it, don't consider to long, do it quickly.

Do the same with E81 and E44,
 don't tremble with the Copic, you can't do it wrong.

Go on with E55.

And E59.

I used E89 - E87 - E44 - E43 for the inside of the tree.
With Opaque white, I added highlights and the beard of the squirrel.

And this is the finished card.
I hope you like this sweet little squirrel!

Here one more time are the colours I've used

Squirrel: E40 - E97 - E31 - E07 - E79 - R01
Eye: E79 - W10 - B91
Acorn: E13 - E15 - E19 - E27
Tree: W1 - E81 - E44 - E55 - E59
Inside Tree: E89 - E87 - E44 - E43

I wish you all a nice day and see you next time!

Hugs Juanita

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ike said...

WoW - AWESOME !!! :-) xxxx