Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Grillfather

Hi there!

It´s my, Helen, turn again to show you a new coloured image.
I love well grilled food. If I had lived in a house I would at least grilled once a week, most likely more.
One of the parts I like about making cards is to find the perfect images for the receiver. And this time it's a perfect match. It's for someone who grills all year round and I can't help it but looks a little as the character in the image. The stamp is called the Grillfather and comes from Art Impressions.

I´ve stamped the image on Perfect Coloring Paper with Memento ink. In the image there is some text and I masked it as I stamped because I didn´t like that part. And this little guy seams to be a superhero, in the image he has a mask for his eyes and I tried as well as I could to get it away, it's tiny so I didn´t mask that part just wiped the ink away. And here we can see it but I guessed it wouldn't show of in the end.

I started by putting in my highlights, I wanted the fire from the grill to make some highlights on him, used Y000. And I didn´t put it as a first layer covering all the skin so just where the highlights would be.

And then I went to E000 for the first layer of skin tone. And I didn´t cover all Y000, left a small line of yellow shining.

B20 was my tint for the shadows in the skin.

Covered that up with E53. And moved on to E000 to soften it out. I went in with a little more of Y000 and then E04 for his lips.

I didn´t used Y000 in his sweater, instead I used a yellowish red, R05, for the highlight.

Moved on to R27 for the rest of the sweater.

And as I laid my next two layers, R59-R37, I had a hard time struggling with the ink that settled on top of the paper and didn´t sink. I cleaned my pens, but it didn´t worked and this is my third or fourth attempt...

I could had moved on to another colour for the sweater, but no. Got some roundness to the belly. Y000 for some highlight and C1-C3-C0-C5 for the shadow on the apron, hat and glove.

I wanted it to look like he´s wearing jeans shorts so I used B21 for the first layer on the pants.

The darkest colour is B97 and my mid-tone is B45. In the edges I went in with some Y000.
The same for his shoes. For the socks I used R37 and C3.

With a light grey, C0, I sketched in the grill.

Then I drew the lines with a Copic Multiliner.

I used C3-C7-C5 for the grill.

And as I know the receiver doesn´t use lighter fluid and wouldn't have an open fire in his grill (unless he wants it) I just had to make just that. If the fire wasn´t there, I wouldn't have had the light from which the highlights come.
For the fire I used Y13-Y17-YR14-R05.
Sketched in the floor and fence with C0.

The first layer of colour for the floor is E81, After that I scribbled in the pattern of the wood with E44.

A little wider lines indicated the boards. One layer with E81 on top to soften the pattern.

E42 in the foreground of the floor.
For the late summer sky I used B21-B45-B97.
And the fence got it first layer of colour, E40.

Scribbled in some trees, used YG67-YG99-BG99.

The fence got a pattern with E74, softened it with E70-E71.
A shadow from the Grillfather used W3-W5.

The image lay like this on my desktop for some weeks. I looked at it and I didn't liked what I saw. It was too bright.

So I decided to darken it up.
The floor got a new layer of colours, E87-E84-E81.
The fence got darken by E44 and the shadow from the man went to W7.
And as I made the card I trimmed of the pine trees that I wasn´t happy with.


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Sandra H said...

Absolutely stunning card and colouring