Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tutorial on dark skies

Hi there everyone, Åsa here today with a little tutorial on how I colour dark skies.
Perfekt for all those Christmas images coming up.

I have used an image from Sassy Cheryl Stamps.

I like to use the B90´s when I colour dark skies.
For this sky I have used B99-97-95-93-91.

I allways start with the lightest colour, to guide my self. Then it´s more easy to correct my self if I don´t like it. Here I have started with the lightest blue; B91.

(As you can see I allways colour with an scrap paper under my image)

In the next step I go in with my darkest colour; B99, from the beginning..

In the third step I take the next colour; B97, and smooth out the transition and take the colour further in on the image.

In the nest step I do the same with B95, I work that transition and take the colour out a little more in the image.

Then tI ake B93 and do the same, work that transitions and colour further in.

In the final step I take the lightest colour; B91, and work the transition and out of the rest of the image.

After this steps, you can be satisfied and stop. BUT, I allways take all the colours one more time. From the beginning. Exactly the same way. And this time Im a little more thorough in the transitions.

Now you can see the differnce from when I only coloured it one time.
It´s more smooth and deeper contrasts.

And here are the final result, with the rest of the image coloured in.

As you see I also made some shadows in the snow to reinforce the impression of the lightsource from the star in the sky.

Here are the copic coplours that I have used:
Skin: E21-11-00-000
Hair: E43-42-41-33-31
Clothes: BV25-23-21
Pillow: V25-22-21
Parcel: RV95-93-91 / E77-74-71-70
Dog: W5-3-1-0
Shadow/Snow: N4-2-1-0
Sky: B99-97-95-93-91
Star: YR23-Y23-21-00

Hope you like it!

Big hugs!


Becky said...

Awesome tag and thanks for the awesome tutorial.

KarinsArtScrap said...

so very beautiful
Gr Karin

Sandra H said...

Beautiful and thank you for the tutorial x

Diny Sprakel said...

great to show us how to make these dark skies. Thanks