Sunday, November 23, 2014

Colouring Red using E29 for Shading

Hi Everyone,

Tracy here.  I thought with Christmas around the corner I would show you how I colour red using E29 for the shading.

The image is by Mo Manning.  Today I'm using R35, R37, RV29 and E29 for the shading.

As the mushroom is round both the left and the right side will be shadowed.

Start with R35 and lay down some colour.

Add some shadow on the left and under the spots using R37

Blend out using the R35 again

Using E29 lay down some shadows remembering to shadow under the white circles and along the edge.

Using the R37 and this time work away from the where the E29 ends and colour towards the E29.  This will ensure that you don't pick up the E29 and drag it out.  We want to create deep shadows to give your image definition.  

To ensure you don't pick up the E29 you can swipe your marker after each stroke onto a scrap piece of paper.

Blend out using R35 to give a smooth gradient.

Create shadows over the new white circles and the edge of the mushroom.

Lay down some R37 under the E29.

Add RV29 under the R37

Blend out using R35

Repeat the process on the right had side starting once again with R35.

Reds: R35, R37, RV29, E29
Skin V20, E000, E00, E11, E3 and R20/R22 for bush
Dress and Flower RV99, RV95, RV93, RV000
Inside mushroom W9, W7, W5, W1, W00

Hugs Tracy x

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