Thursday, November 20, 2014

Merry Christmas to you

November is a time when I do the most of my Christmas cards. 
I love Santa Clauses in all varieties.

Here I colored the one freebies like a girl in Sweden have designed. 

I have used quite a few colors, 
but still got several different colors depending on the light or dark pen I´ve used.

There are many different pens with red, 
and this has become one of my favorites when I coloring the Santa Claus red.
E24, E27, E39, RV99

After I have colored the subjekt I have cut it out and placed it on a cusp of a star.

Colors I have used:
Skin: E000, E11, E13, E30
Red: R24, R27, R39, RV99
White: W7,W3, W2, W0
Sweater: E81, E84, E87
Scraf: E84, E87, E89
Boots: E84, E87, E89 ,W7

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Angelicasblogg said...

Såå duktig du är!!gu vilket härligt kort!