Tuesday, March 20, 2018

99% Copic scene

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a 99% Copic scene! Because I really would like to see spring coming, I made a spring forest scene built around a Little Red Riding Hood character by Paperbabe Stamps.

I coloured the sky first, using B000 and B00, adding a cloud in BV20, C0, 1. I knew I wanted to add trees, but since the sky is very clear, I chose to colour it first and completely because the colours wouldn't show.

I added trees on the left with E31, 35, 49, 59, 79 and B39, G28, YG 01, 03, 17 for the foliage. Between the trunks I put E71 and 74 to fill the space. I then added a tree on the right using the same colours for the trunk but G40, 99, YG03, 45, 63, 95 for the foliage. I then added bushes in G28, YG01, 03, 17 and distant shapes in G40, 43 and BV000, 00.

Next I coloured the grass from bottom to top in YG01, 03, 06, 17, 67.

I then coloured my character - doing the skin first, then the clothes and keeping the red and black for the end to avoid dragging dark colours with my light markers (See full list of markers used below). For a bit of depth, I added blades of grass in T7, G28, BG78 and YG17.

I could have stopped at the previous step, but thought I would add tiny details - hence the 1% non Copic! - in Gelly Roll and Pentel gel pens. 

Sky: B000, 00, BV20, C0, 1
Trees on the left: E31, 35, 49, 59, 79, B39, G28, YG 01, 03, 17
Tree on the right: E31, 35, 49, 59, 79, G40, 99, YG03, 45, 63, 95
Bushes: G28, YG01, 03, 17
Distant shapes: BV000, 00, G40, 43 
Grass: YG01, 03, 06, 17, 67
Blades of grass: BG78, G28, T7, YG17

Skin: E000, 00, 11, RV02
Hair: 100, BV04, C7, 9
Red: R35, 37, 39, T5
Purple Dress: BV00, 01, 02, 04
White Apron: T1, 3
Basket: E31, 35, 37

Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

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