Monday, March 26, 2018


Hello everyone.

I have made a gorgeous little project with some cute stamps by Paperartsy. The backgrounds are coloured with Derwent Inktense Paint Pans, all the images are coloured with Copic Markers. 

I love the combination of watercolours and Copic Markers. Watercolours are wonderful for their transparancy while Copic are so full of colour. The combination of of the two together is just perfect.

I've cut out all the pages first and stamped the images using Memento black ink.
In the next step I coloured all the backgrounds, using the Inktense paint pans. 

And then I started colouring all the images.

I will show you a few detailed photographs of how I colour my images. In the end I will show you all the pages in my little book.

I start with the Y08. Add a thin layer.
I also noticed that I forgot to colour a few pieces of the background, but that is ok, I can always add some colour later. 

For the seconnd layer I use a warm yellow, the Y17.

Blend the layers together with the Y15. 

Blend all layers together using the Y08 again. 

For all the little doodles on the flowers I have used a variety of colours.
I start with R59.

Add some pink, RV06, 09.

And some blue and purples, B24, FV2 and BV08.

In the next few photographs I will show all the pages:

petals YR15, YR16 and YR07
flower heart Y17 and YR04
doodles RV06 and RV09

doodled border:
YR15, YR16, YR07
RV04, RV06, RV09
R35, R37, R59

orange bird: YR15, YR16, YR07
wings and eyes:YG03,  YG17 and YG67
 dress: RV04,  RV06 
yellow bird; Y08, Y17

tree: Y06, YG03, YG17, YG67, E27, E29
blue bird: B14, B16, B19, RV06, RV09
yellow bird: Y08, Y15, Y17, RV06, YR15, YR18

tree: Y06, YG03, YG17, YG67, E27, E29

flower heart: YR14, YR15, R59
green leafs: YG03, YG17, YG67

orange toadstool: YR14, YR15, YR07
doodles on the toadstool: RV06, RV09, B24 B14, FV2, BV08
pink toadstool: RV04, RV06, RV09
doodles toadstool: B24, B14, YR14, YR15, FV2, BV08
yellow flower: Y13, Y15, Y17

blue toadstools: B21, B23, B24
doodles toadstools: YR14, YR15, FV2, BV08, RV06
berrybush: FV2, BV08, YG03, YG17, YG67

RV04, RV06 and RV09

YG03. YG17 and YG67

flowers: Y08, Y15, Y17 
doodles: FV2, BV08, RV06, RV09, R59, B24

blue flowers: YG03, YG17, YG67, B12, B14, B16
yellow flowers: Y08, Y15, Y17, Rv04, RV06, RV09

This is the last page in my little book. I really enjoyed working on this project. 

Have a wonderful day.



Alice said...

I love it. Gr. Alice

akkina van steen said...

Heel mooi gedaan

Neet said...

I just love this little book. So much that I have now placed an order for that die and have been looking through my stamps as to what I can include. I adore the two little figures on the first full sized page but cannot find them. Have you got the name of the collection they are from please.
Can't wait to see this irl when we come to Nijerk. So happy to find you will be there.
Hugs, Neet x