Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cicci Colour a Tree

Hi Everyone!
Today I, Cicci, am going to colour a tree and show how I do that.
I have not used any image this time, instead I drew it by myself.
I'm only going to show a section of the tree in this tutorial 
but  I do the same steps all over.

The Copic Markers I have Used are:
Tree: E53 57 59 49 11 Y21
Books: Blue: B39 37 34 B000 Y26 28 Y02
Red: R14 24 35 39 89 E49
Green: YG03 BG99  97 95 93 YG23 
Brown: E43 40 E53 51 Y21 Y02 26 28
Owl: E53 31 43 40 41 RV000 Y21 E25 23 29
White Posca pen for white details
and Aqvarell pen light and dark
Sky: B99 39 95 93  34 32 B00 B000 BG0000
Moon: C0 2 B000 BV000
Ground and Forest: B0000 00 C0 1 BG0000

Step 1 
Draw a tree or use a digital image 
Just fill the drawings lines with E53 

Step 1

Step 2 
Add E57 in the same area you have coloured with E53

Step 2

Step 3
Add E29 at the bottom of the tree, that's the area that I'm going to make darker
because it's further away from the light source (Moon) 

Step 4 
Blend With E11

Step 5 
Add E25. Blend with E23 on the lines

Step 6
Blend with E11

 Step 7
Add E29 on the parts that are furthest away
 from the moon and blend with E23

Step 8
Blend  Y21 everywhere

Step 9
I'm going to use E49 as my darkest marker 
Add E49 carefully because at this point in the colouring I already have done lots of
layers and I don't want the ink to go sticky 

Step 10 
Add a little more E59 - carefully as you did with E49

Step 11
Blend with E23 and Y21 

Thank you for your Visit and hope to see you here again soon !!
Have a lovely day

Hugs and Smiles
 from us at Copic Marker Europe

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