Sunday, October 22, 2017

it's not the size of your house

Hi everyone, I am back with a second post, a small art journal page this time. 

I used a friendly critter and his adorable house by Paper Artsy. 

1. Start with a thin layer of BG01 and colour the skin.
2. Use BG09 to make the shadows.
3. Make the shadows a bit lighter with the BG07.
4. Blend all layers together with FBG02 and BG01.

5. Add a layer of BV02  and make some shadow with BV04.
6. Use BV08 to make the shadows darker.
7. Blend all the layers together with BV02.
8. Add V12 to colour the sweater. Use V15 andV17 to add shadows and blend all layers together with V12. 

My friendly little critter is ready now, time to colour his cute house.

9. I use BV02 for the fist layer of the roof and add shadows with BV04.
10. Make the shadows darker with BV08. 
11. Blend all the layers together with the BV02.
12. For the rest of the house I use V12, V15 and V17 for the building. And BG01, BG07, BG09, B12 B04 for the door and window. 

The images are now ready for cutting out. 

Finished page. 
For the quote I used the multiliners, size 0.3 mm.
The quote is by JL Logan. 

Have a wonderful and creative Sunday.
See you next month,


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