Sunday, October 15, 2017

Girls and cats

Hi lovely Copic friends , I (Miranda) have a very special creation to share.
By the end of this month my first product line will be released by Studio Light and I really wanted to show you how I coloured my images using the Copic Markers. 

I have used several sets to create an art journalpage.

The little cute hearts are coloured with RV02, 04, 06 and 09.
I used the lightest colour first, which is your RV02. Then I used the darkest one, the RV09 and work my way back to the lightest colour with the RV04 and 06. In the end I blend all colours together again with the RV02.

Sometimes the darkest colours get lighter due to the blending with the lighter colours. Then add a little bit of the darkest colour again. 

The colours I have used for colouring the cute tiny flowers are:
petals- V04, 05 and 06
floral heart - Y17
leaves and stem - YG13, 17

Isn't my kitten adorable?
I used green to colour the kitten.
I used G12, 14 and 16. Later I also added some YG13, to get it more yellowish green. 
For the eyes I've used Y17 and R20 and BV00 for the ears. 

For this cat I've used my favorite purples, V04, 05, 06 and 09.
Start again with the lightest colour, the V02. In the next step use the darkest purple V09 for the shades. And then I work my way back again to the lightest colour  using the V05 and 06. 

The green eyes: YG13, G16 and Y17. 

For the pink cat I use the RV02, 04, 06 and 09. Again start with your lightest colour.

I've used quite a lot of different colours.
I start colouring the skin with E50. Then I use the BV00 for shading. For the 3rd layer I use E00. Blend all layers together with E0000. After colouring the hair I decided to add some more E51, E00 and R20 to give the face more colour. And some W3 for more shading. 

The hair I always colour the other way around. I start with the darkest colour first, the G16. Then the G14 and G12. I also added some YG13, because the G -colours turned out to be too blueish green. 

The dress: RV02, 04, 06 and 09.
purple dots: V05 and 06
shading on the apron; BV00 and 0000

And this is my art joburnal page. 
Hope you like it.

See you again soon,


Diny Sprakel said...

Miranda, a great new line, great explation, a beautiful page. Thanks or being in the team, hugs Diny

CG said...

What a stunning scene. Thank you for sharing the details of your wonderful coloring.

Henry said...

Wow, I really like your amazing creations!!! You have such a unique style. Very elegant and colorful artworks.

UplayOnline said...

Thanks or being in the team, hugs Diny