Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween Glow

Hi Friends
Today it's my (Cicci's) turn to show you some colouring here at the Copic Europe Blog.
I'm going to show how I make some glow in my colouring.
I have coloured an image from Make it Crafty, called Witchy Concoctions.

I really love this little witch :0))

Making some GLOW

Image 1
I have started with the colour thats going to be the glow at/over the image 
I have used Y02 

Image 2
Blend out the Y02 a little with Y00 and add more Y02 and Y00 around the cauldron

Now  it's time to colour the cauldron. Start colouring nearest the edges with BV25. (This area will be the darkerst part, furthest from the fire. The fire gives you light source.)
Blend out with BV23.

Blend with the C3. Be careful, you don't colour too much dark colours on the yellow parts. If you do, you won't have any glow left!

Add more C3 over the whole cauldron, using light strokes. Don't colour over the fire. Add more darker colours from the C family. I have used C5 and C7.

Blend out the C7 and C5 with C3.

Add a lots of yellow above the fire and on the cauldron and add more yellow (Y02) for the soup.

Here, I have added Y02, Y00 and FY1 for the fire.

The Hat
  Copic Combo; E11, E15, E47, E49, FY1, FYR1 and V05, V04. (I added yellow at the start of the colouring with Y02 and Y00.)
For extra glow on the hat, I have used V05 and V04.

Y00, Y02, E15 

Add some FYR1 on the hat and fire. Blend with Y02 and Y00. Blend E13 in the area you coloured with E15.


Around the cauldron, I have added RV02 for some effect and I used more colours on the hat and the chair; E11, E15, E47, Y00 and FY1. 

I have also added some green in the soup, just some dots, I'm going to blend out later. 

I also blend with B000 over the cauldron on the grey colours. Do not colour too much over the yellow parts because you will end up with green colours! So add B000 with very light strokes.

 As you can see in the photo above I added some more colours for the fire. I used E08 because I want the part thats going to be darker in the fire. I have not taken a marker from the R-family because I think that would be too red. I think E08 would be better for this. Blend E08 with FY1 and Y02.

The Chair
Copic Combo; Y02, Y00, E11, E15.
(The Yellow I added at the start of the colouring; Y02, Y00.)

Blend out each colour with lighter markers. In this case, blend Y02 with Y00, E15 blended with E11 etc.
For the chair I am going to add more layers with E11 and E15 later. I am also going to add a darker marker from the E Family; E47 and E49.

Add E47 for the screws in the chair.

I'm going to do the same thing with the clothes; starting from dark colours and continuing to light markers.

Copic Combo; V09, V06, V04, V17.
(The yellow I added at the start of the colouring; Y02, Y00.)
Add your colours and blend each time. When you add colours on the yellow parts do that with gentle strokes.

Now it's time to make a background for this wonderful image!

This is my Background Combo
Sky: B000, V000, V15, BV02, V25, V28, B99, B39, V01, V04
Trees: E49, E43, E39, E41, E79, E81, E84, E87, E89, E70, E74
Little House: E71, E74, Y13, Y06, Y28
Spider: Black Copic, SP 0.05
Spiderweb: White Gell pen
Forest: E84, E81, YG95, YG99, V20, V25, V28, B99, B39
Carpet: E41, E40, E43, E47, E49, Y21
Ground: E81, E84, YG00, Y02, YG95, Y13, Y06
YG93, YG95, YG99, YG01
Moon: C0, B000, C3, Y00, V000
Stars: White Posca Pen

I added a last touch to the glow and added stronger yellow when I was ready with the whole background. It's easier to see what's missing when you have added all your other colours.
I used:
Y13, Y06, FYR1.
I also made some dots in the glow with B00, V04, YG00 and did some strokes over the cauldron with my gell pen.

Have a great day everyone, and have a wonderful Halloween


See you Next Month




Cecilia Reyes said...

What a great tutorial. Thanks a lot.

Cicci said...

Happy you like the turtorial Cecilia !!
Hugs Cicci With the Pen