Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm always here for you!

Hello everyone it’s Sandra from Portugal.

What do you think of these two lovely mischievous pandas? Kind of remind me my younger boys: they always get along great when they have an opportunity to misbehave.

The image is a digistamp from The Paper Shelter, called “Team Work”.

I had to colour it and ended up turning it into a friendship card.

I started by outlining the die cut shape I would be using in the end, setting some boundary to the image so I could know where exactly to colour the sky and ground.

I then designed the ground with YG01 (layer for grass) and E43 (layer for soil). 

I used very fine flicks on an upward motion, from earth to sky, from lighter to darker greens allowing some drying time in between to avoid blending: YG03/25/17/67. I finished the grass flicking again all over again with YG03. 

To colour the soil I dotted E81/84/87 and then E44/47 and some E43 all over it to smooth it all a little bit. To colour the sky I layered B0000 three times.

For the bamboo sticks, I picked YG67/25 and 93 (to dull it in the end), with YG91/93 in the junctions. You can see the upper right bamboo piece with just YG67/25, it's so much brighter than the other ones:

And compare it with how it looked like after I toned it down with YG93:

I coloured the leaves  with YG67/25/23 and some YG95 at the leaves tip.

To colour the pandas “white”, I chose W00/0.

I coloured their "black" with N3/5/7/9. I then used R20/21 for the tongue and R20, E93/95 to finish their paws. But I guess YR61 would work great for the paws too, I just figured it out after I did the colouring.

 And finally the tree, with no leaves, was “asking “for a dull brown, so I chose E43/44/47/49.

I die cut the finished work:

And then assembled it onto a kraft card:

Here is a full list of all the markers I used:

Grass: YG01/YG03/25/17/67
Soil: E43/E44/47/81/84/87
Sky: B0000
Bamboo sticks: YG67/25 /91/93
Bamboo leaves: YG67/25/23/95
Pandas: W00/0,  N3/5/7/9 and R20/21 E93/95

Tree: E43/44/47/49

I hope you like it!

Have a great summer!



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