Friday, August 25, 2017

Making a Background with Various Ink

Hi Friends, Cicci Here :0) 

Today I'm going to show you how can do an easy background.

You don't need much, just some Various Ink and some paper towels.
I have used an image from a great artist; Alessia Innocenti, it's called New Beauti in the Moonlight

Here's what you need:
Copic Various Ink
Some paper towels
White Posca Pen
I have used 2 Copic Multiliner but you don't have so use that if you don't have them
Multiliner BS Yellow and BS Wine

Here's the Ink I have used for the background:
E00, RV00
FYR1, Y26, Y28
E44, a little E29, E81, E04
R14, R89
YR20, E93, YR20
B00, B000, B02
E93, YR31
Copic Combo for the Image
Skin: E50 04 13 15 51 53 R20
Dress: Y00 02 YR24 YR21 E29 E15 Y26 28R YR31
Flower: E93 R20 Y00 R12 E000 00
Wings: E15 47 49 E04 E70 71  RV00 R20  Y21

Create the background like this:
Drop the Various Ink on the paper towel and pull the towel on the paper that you work on.
It's better to start with the lighter colours. And it's better to take a little of each colour, you can always add more ink later. Remember, it's harder to remove the ink!
I start with some E00 on a paper towel and just pull the towel with the ink on the paper you work on.
As E00 is light, you hardly can see it, but for this colour scheme and image I think it's a good colour to start with. I added this colour around the image and little further down on the right and left sides.

I'm going to add several more colours now in the same way as before. I have listed the colours above, so I don't take a photo at each step. You use the same tehcnique all the time.
If you want to try this you can use any colours you like :0))

E00, RV00, E93
YR31, Y08, Y26, Y28,  E81, E04
R14, R89, B00, B000, B02, YG11, FYR1
You can't see YG11 here but I have used it on the edges

I have used a white Posca Pen to make lots of dots. Add dots with your pen and then use your finger to make some nice structure. I also added some strokes with the Posca Pen, the Multiliner
and Varous Inks; B000, B00, B02.

Now I think the Background is ready!
Have fun with your Various Ink...

HUGS and Lots of Love!!

Have a great day Everyone¨
See you in September


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