Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bookmark with Feathers...

Good Morning! I'm Cristina Valenzuela.
First of all, happy new year!!!
I wish you a year full of good things and a lot of colours.

I have a project a little different than usual for me.
I tell you a little ... I have decided to work with greys because I have an eye problem, my perception of colour is a bit different these days.

So I have chosen this beautiful drawing for colouring, it has lots of grey tones, but it also uses blue, brown and pink. I do not know if you can really see it, because they are colours tinted with grey, forming a set where nothing stands out too much.

One of my personal challenges of this new year is to make one bookmark per week, an easy way to use many of the drawings that we colour for the pleasure of colouring. I hope you like my idea, and encourage yourselves to do the same.

For colouring I have used the following Copic:
Lots of Greys: T1, T0, T3, T5, C0, C1, C3, W3, W5, W1, N1, C5, C7.
And other colours: 
E04, E00, E11, E70, E71, E81, BG10, R27, E31, E33, E47, E44, E43, E41.

For today, nothing more, I hope to have something full of colours next month.
Thanks for your visits and comments.


Unknown said...

I send you lots of courage at these days with your problem in the eye! As always your project is stunning and beautiful. Perfect with this colors.

Marjeta said...

Fantastic colouring. I could look this image forever.