Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Copic Year!

Hello all!

Happy New Copic Year!
It is such an honour to start the new year with my first post on the Copic Europe blog, 
my name is Blankina and will be posting my doodle orientated designs on a monthly base.

Hope you all had a terrific good start in 2017.

I have prepared a doodle design for you..
Do you like to doodle too? It is a perfect anti-stress,
just get some Copic Multiliners and let your fantasy flow.

To start with I have drawn a design with a pencil , 
all by hand ( using just a ruler and some other help instruments now and then ) .

I have written the text happy new Copic year first, 
and later I have added some circles and lines around the text .

As next step I have copied the pencil drawing onto Perfect Colouring Paper , 
after I have started to emphasize the lines with a black Copic Multiliner.

I personally love to use the SP multiliners, 
these are the refillable version and come in different line widths, 
for this drawing I have used the line width of 0.1 and 0.3.

You can get caried away,  adding bits and pieces , detail after detail.
It is fun to has become a mix of doodeling and handlettering in the end.
Just add some stripes, dots , circles and zig zag movements wherever you like.
Some lines were accentuated with a black sketch  ( 100 ) too .

To give the design a touch of colour I have chosen 
some "golden" colours from the Yellow family. 
I hope it might inspire you to doodle too!

I have used the following Copic products:

Copic Multiliner SP 0.1
Copic Multiliner SP 0.3
100 , Y 21, Y 23, Y 28

Again the best wishes for a colourfull and healthy 2017,
thanks for visiting!

Hugs Blankina