Monday, April 1, 2019

Blending to White

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

This month I thought I'd talk to you about blending a colour out to white. You can use any colour, the trick is to bring the number right down to something ending with at least one 0, so you can blend that out with Colourless Blender.

I am using Whimsy Stamps Smiling Flowers.

Ready? Let's go...

I'm colouring from dark to light, so I'm starting with RV13. As each petal is fairly small, I don't have much space to bring this colour down to a low number, I'm only laying a little RV13.

Blend out with RV21. Again, see how much space I have left for myself.

Pull the colour a little further into the petal with RV10.

We're starting to get nice and pale now... RV000.

The last colour I am using is RV0000.

As you can see where the RV0000 ends, blend the edge of this line with Colourless Blender to create a smooth transition between the colour and white space.

I wanted to add a little colour to the petals where they meet the flower centre, but I didn't want to go as dark as I did for the outer edges of the petals, or come in as far. Using the same process, I added RV10, RV000, RV0000.

That's all the petals done! Let's finish the stamp...

Y00, Y11 and Y04.

YG61, G21, G24 and E70.

E41, E42, E43, E44.

R43, R35, R37, R39.

To complete the image I added small, randomly placed dots on the petals with RV10 and RV21.

That's it!

Copics Used...
Petals; Colourless Blender, RV0000, RV000, RV10, RV21, RV13
Flower centers; Y00, Y11, Y04
Stems; YG61, G21, G24, E70
Flower Wrapper; E41, E42, E43, E44
Bow; R43, R35, R37, R39

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.

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