Sunday, February 3, 2019

Colouring no line with Inkon3 fadeout ink

Hello Copic fans.

This time I let you see how I coloured a brushstamp from Penny Black. 

First I stamped my Penny Black stamp with Inkon3 fadeout ink, I use a stamp easy so I can ink my image several times.

I coloured the bud of the flower first because here the lines are hardest to see. The first colour I use is the B34 for the shade.

Then I used my second colour, YG17 over the B34 and slightly further.

The third colour Ii used is the YG03, with this colour I coloured the rest of the leaves.

The RV19 is my darkest colour for the flowers and I colour this over the B34 and slightly further.

Then I coloured with B34-YG17-YG03 the stem and leaves.

For the flowers I used also B34 - RV19 - RV17 - RV14.

In the big rose I used B34 as shade underneath my RV19.

Then my RV19 over the B34 and a slightly further.

Then I used RV17 and RV14 to coluor the rest of the flower.

And then my image is ready for a card.

I hope that I inspired you to try this sometime!
Until next time!