Saturday, June 23, 2018

Blowing bubbles...

Hello everyone!

It's Sue here today with a technique that uses Copic refills and washing up liquid to create a really fun bubbly background!

The items I have used for this background technique are - 
A piece of Glossy Photo Paper, Copic refills BG15, BG13, FBG2, plastic disposable cups, plastic straws and household washing up liquid.
I put a little bit of Copic refill BG13, a little Copic Colourless Blender and some washing up liquid in a plastic cup.  You need enough washing up liquid to make the refills quite thick and sticky.
Then, I put the straw in the liquid and blew through it to create bubbles!
There are a few things to be careful of at this stage!  Firstly, do not blow too hard or all the liquid will fly up and out of the cup and splash your face - I know this to be true!!! Secondly, please remember to blow through the straw - do not forget and suck the liquid up!
So - blow quite gently and slowly and steadily until you have a cup full of bubbles!
Then I placed a piece of glossy photo paper glossy side down onto the bubbles and pressed down so the bubbles burst on the paper.
Repeat this several times until you are happy with how it looks!
Next is the exciting part when you see the pattern the bubbles have made on the card!
Then I changed colour, and repeated the technique with FBG2
I had far too much fun playing with these bubbles - I think this has become one of my favourite techniques!
I made quite few bubbly backgrounds - I did n't want to waste the Copic Ink so I made some for another time!
The background will dry after a few hours and all the bubbles left on the card will disappear!
There was really only one image I could put with such a fabulous bubbly background - hands up if you are also thinking of mermaids!!!
I had such fun doing this!  It would be great if you could try this too and show us your cards at
Copic Marker Europe on Facebook.
To find us just follow the link

Thank you for popping by.
Happy Copic colouring



Nataliascraft said...

What a fun and brilliant background Sue, love the background is so beautiful. Gorgeous mermaid card x

Annette said...


Julie B said...

Done that so often with kids and poster paint but never thought to use it like this, fab. :)

Debbie Olson said...

Definitely trying this--fun technique! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Hemel said...

What a brilliant idea!!