Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of Dots

Yellow is not one of my favorite colors, but sometimes you have to challenge yourself and step outside the box.
 I have created a card with a stamp from a coloring book on the Web.

These three colors I have used do not seem to fit together if you use them separately, 
but as you can see I have confused them and I like this very little "special" yellow color.
The three pens are Y28,Y26,Y23

Around the subject do you see many tiny dots, I used confetti technology. I took four pens BV20, BV23, BV29 ,W0 and Blender (0). 
To get small fine dots, hold the pen upright, then you should think about the darkest spots should be closest to the subject and not too many. Then fill in with more dots with the two lighter colors. The dots may well be different sizes. Last, I use the blender to "dampen" the dots. The amount of dots around the subject is a matter of taste, but they should not take the focus off the subject.

Here you see the finished result, a really cute baby cards I think.
Under the picture of a giraffe, I meant to put numbers on the child's age. But I do not know who to get it so I wait until I know who the receiver is.

These are the colors I have used:
Yellow: Y23,26,28 and  brown: E70,71,77
Hooves: T0,1,2,4 
Rosette: BV20,23,29
Around the subject: BV20,23,29,W0 + Blender
Ground: YG91, W00

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Sandra H said...

Fabulous! I Love this image .....Great colours too.