Saturday, February 28, 2015

Coloring poppies with Daria Myagkikh

Hi everybody,

Today is my turn to show you tutorial. :)

I thought that it is time to welcome spring. And the best way to do it - is to color some flowers. :)

For today tutorial I chose this splendid image from Aurora Wings:

So first thing that I'm doing before start coloring almost any image is checking how such thing looks like in real life. 
Here some options of poppies that I found in internet.  Apparantly there are a lot of different varieties!

I thought that I will go for classic red and black pallette.
As a reference (and a part of future card...hehehe) I chose this picture:

So lets start with coloring...shall we? :)
I will show you my way of coloring with only one flower (overwise this post will be endlessly long).
First I took YR0000 and moistened the whole flower

Secondly (one after another) I highlighted the most dark places with YR12, R22, R27

Smoothing colors with YR20 (NOT R20!)

Continue adding red colors R32 and R46

Smothing colors with YR20

At this stage adding light colors (on most light places :) ). Using YR20 and R32 for that.

Final stage - adding contrast with R39 and YR0000

So we are done with one flower...whole bouquet ahead :)... 
After some time here is the card that I created. I decided to leave it simple and fresh as coming spring. :)

Easy and Fun! :)

Hope you will find my tutorial helpful and interesting!
Have a great day and bunch of inspiration!

Daria Myagkikh


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Gr Karin

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wow! This is just sensational!

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Great work!!!


Marjeta said...

Fab tutorial. Thanks for shareing it.