Saturday, June 22, 2024

Cicci color koi fish

Hi COPIC lovers 

Cicci here posting. Summer in Sweden  and to days post is about fish-koi fish 

Step 1 

A drew a sketch

Step 2 
I started with YR16 and 

Step 3 
Continue with YR16 and YR09

Step 4
Add Y04

Step 5 
Add YR18
Making  A few dots with Y02 and YR18

Step 6 
Add FYR1 and blend with FY1 

Step 7 
Add more of YR18

Step 8 
Blend again with FY1

Step 9
Add YR04 

Step 10 
Blend again with FY1 

Step 11
Add FRV1 
I Also made some dots with FRV1 som 

Step 12 
More dots with BG000

Step 13 
For the background I used various ink and some paper 
Add FBG2 at the paper and add on the paper 
Step 14
Add R20 
I Also used Y02 B000 and  
Take the colors you like. 

I hope you try my background with dots and various ink and welcome anytime you like 


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