Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Gnome in Glade

Hi there!

Today it's my, Helen, turn again to show you some colouring.
I've used "You Gnome Me" stamp set from My Favorite Thing Stamps.

I started by making some masked stamping.
As always I used Memento Ink on Perfect Coloring Paper.

I started with the background, the first layer of the sky was BG11.
The grass got: G40 - G43

The tree trunks got BG13.

The skin got: E50 - B20 - E21 - E11 - R02 - W3

 I had to lower the tree trunks by adding in tree tops used BG15 - BG18.
The hat of the mushroom got R05 - R08 - R27 - R37 - R59

Some how I decided to get the gnome a red beard, YR09 - E08 - E19
And I didn´t use one of the colours from the mushroom but it turned out the same...

I wanted him to wear a flannel shirt, and a red one...
R35 - R59 - R37

His pants got W1 - W5 - W3
The foot of the mushroom got E40 - E41 - W1 - W3
The snail got: E41 - W1 - W3 - R00, E84 - E89 - E87 - E49 - E81
The shadow from the snail is T5.

Added some more tree trunks, G12
Grass: YG13

Grass: YG17 - YG 63 - YG67
His hat got the same shades as the pants, W1 - W5 - W3

Some texture to the snail.

The buttons got Y21 - Yr23 - Y28

Added in the squares in the fabric, used B26 and Gelly Roll Dark White.
And the snail got a highlight as well.

Placed a tree in the very front of the picture used RV99.

And as I use to do, I coloured another one.

Skin: E11 - E13 - E21
Beard: B24 - C3 - C5 - C7
Hat and shirt: R35 - R59 - R37 - B26 - Jelly Roll Dark White
Pants: B41 - B45 - B97
Mushroom: R05 - R08 - R27 - R39, E41 - E42 - W3
Snail: E41 - E42 - R00 - E84 - E89 - E87
Grass: G40 - YG03 - YG61 - YG63 - YG67
Background: G40 - G43
Foreground: RV99

Happy colouring til next time!

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