Saturday, May 14, 2022

Eye (Manga version)

Hello everyone! For the month of May I decided to draw a detail of the face, that is an eye ...always remaining in manga style.

Here is the tutorial for you:

Draw the eye with Copic multiliner

C1 and C3 for the shadow of the sclera/white of the eye.

E000 for the complexion.

Y02, B000, B32 and B18 for the pupil.

For eye makeup I used B000, B32 ,B93 and B18. Y02 and Y17 for the stars.

BV29, B18 and B32 for eyelashes.

I darken my complexion with E00.

B000, B32, B93 and B18 for the eyebrow.

I use a white gel pen for light points.

This is the end result, thanks for reading. 

Until next time

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