Friday, May 22, 2020

Cicci Colors some Blueberries

Hi friends!
Cicci here today posting for you. 
Today I'm going to show you how I did some blueberries

I have used this copic Markers
B99 95 41 45 37 39 BG02 BG72

Draw a blueberry with some light Markers
I have used B000 

 Step 2 
add BG72 for some green touch  in the coloring

Step 3
Add B37 

Step 4
Add B39

Step 5 
Add and  blend with B41

Step 6
Add and blend with B45

Step 7
Add and blend all color together with B93

Step 8
Add more of B39 

Step 9
Add and blend with B45

 Step 10
Add more of  B99 and blend witb B95 and B45 B41
I also added some light  blue I used BG02 

You can work more to make the color go together if you like, I'm going go do some more blueberries now and I hope you also try to make them.

Have a Wonderful day
Hugs and Smiles from us here at Copic Europe Blog


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